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Education and entertaining members on going solo - masturbation.


Urgent Need to Masturbate

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I'm not sure how to explain how I got into this but I'll do my best. I have lived in the same neighborhood since I was 12. Four houses down from my house lived Joel and Madeline H-------. They were always very nice neighbors and got especially close to me and my mom when my dad died. I was only 17 at the time and Joel and Madeline were very good to us for years after that. Four years ago Madeline died and Joel is always welcome in our home where my mom sometimes invites him for dinner or have me take a platter to him. He was always a very polite and kind man who now is 56 years old. About 3 years went by before my mom started dating Sean and I think Joel was dissapointed she had a boyfriend.


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The first erect penis I was exposed to was from a horse. My parents took me horse back riding around 9 and as I was being lead around on the horse in the other side was a male horse mouthing a female and well I just had to look.

He was very long and as he dismounted her his penis sprayed all over.

At that age I knew very little but enough to figure out about what was going on.

Several years later we moved to a new home and my room was an converted attic wher I had various views from diferant windows.

About a month after moving in I was gazing at the stars and since and noticed the neighbors light turn on.

It seemed to be the bathroom on the second floor, I had the light off on order to seed the stars better and this gave me a better view down also.

Parental Duties

As a single mother after my divorce I had to do double duty as mother and father to my kids son and daughter. My daughter was three years older and I had a very good talk with her about her body, boys and how sex worked up to getting pregnant. I also gave her the ok to explore herself as she needed in private. When my younger son started to get his little erections more often I felt it was the time to give him his talk.

When we here alone I took aside and stared to explain the human body and its mechanics, he was not comfortable I could see as I was also struggling to explain.

Outdoor Pleasures

Every time we went out I was pestered to leave my tights, knickers and bra at home. When I asked my man he said he liked to feel my tits without having to get them out of my bra, and without tights or knickers it was easier to finger me and make me cum. The day came when we went out with a picnic hamper and I gave him a big surprise when we found our quite place out in the country. I handed him a camera which I brought with me and told him to be ready. I walked out into the open and across the road to the wire fence and took my coat and shoes off. I posed for a moment and then walked back to the car.

Eric & Nick

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In the summer of 2011, when I was going to be a sophomore next year, I was just figuring out that I was bi-sexual. I had a pretty close friend Eric, (same age) who I used to hang out with quite a bit.

Group Masturbation

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I live on a farm and have 21 acres of paddock and two horse stable but one is empty. My mum said I could in bite some of my friends over, I just turned thirteen. So I invited over 9 of my friends from school. We have known each other since kindergarten. Any way, when they all get here, they are all pretty attractive, I ask my mum if we can sleep in the spare stable. So we have dinner and stay up till one in the stable watching tv and playing video games Then we play some truth or dare and it goes on for a while.

Extreme Masturbation

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It all began over a year ago at Sandy's cousin Frank's house. Me and my girlfriend Sandy began playing beer pong with her cousin and three of his friends. Sandy and I live together and are sexually active with each other but we are both bisexual. Eventually we were talked into playing strip poker and after an hour or so we were all pretty much naked or close to it. That first night Sandy and I along with the four guys all masturbated in front of each other. We began partying a couple times a month and it got more intimate each week. Sandy and I talked about it and we both enjoyed the attention we were getting from the guys and by the second month were maturbating each other. Now I know how lame this may sound but we both enjoy being satisfied by the guys.

Increase in Sex Drive

I am a straight female who has never had much of a sex drive. I have only had sex with two men in my whole life. One was a one-time drunken encounter which I regret. The other was a very long-term relationship that ended so badly that it broke my heart and I swore off relationships. Sadly, that was over 20 years ago!

I have never been on the pill, had regular periods, but still never had a high sex drive that would compel me to masturbate or otherwise seek sex with someone new. Sex just wasn't something I ever really thought about. Sure, I would touch myself sometimes, but never to climax. Sometimes I had some pretty vivid sex dreams where I woke up fingering myself a bit, but that was about it. This probably sounds pretty odd to the average person.

Tom & The Teddy Bear

Marie awoke to the gentle rays of the sun shining through the window onto her pillow. She already had a smile on her face. This had been the best vacation ever. She was in Hawaii with her husband, staying with relatives, and everything about the place was SO relaxing. She'd always been a sexual person, but this place seemed to bring it out in her even more. She had been horny 24/7 since she got off the plane, it seemed.

It didn't help matters that her brother-in-law seemed just as tall and desirable as her husband. It also didn't help that his wife was a well-tanned island girl with a nice body and luscious round tits. And it REALLY didn't help that her twin sister lived in the same house with them. Talk about a fantasy overdrive for her!

From Boyhood to Manhood

My first experience with jacking off was with two other boys. we were about 6 years old. one boy had seen his dad humping his mother, and his peter got hard. his daddy saw him with his peter out and jacked him to what felt like an orgasm. he showed the other guy and me so we played with our own peters until we had the same sensation. our curiosity got the best of us when the one boy told about seeing his dad, and the stuff that spewed out. I never seen any body hair.

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