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Education and entertaining members on going solo - masturbation.
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my frist encounter

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Well I wasn't really caught masterbating but it was really great. I went over to some friends house. They were busy rough housing around in the living room and I really didn't want to do that. I could hear th TV in there older brothers room so I just walked in. Dan was sitting in the bed with the covers pulled up watching TV. I jumped up on his bed and started watching TV with him. I didn't know much about masterbating at the time. I started to get cold so a climbed under the covers with him. I could feel the bed shaking and couldn't figure out what he was doing to make it shake. I looked over at him and he had this wierd look on his face. I was wearing shorts at the time and then I felt something wet and warm running down my leg.

severe exhibitionist

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T%his is very true.I was 19 and using steroids.I was in great shape and slender. T he steroids made me more horny than i already was. I was in the faribault mn prison parking lot. Sorroundng 30 car parking lot was all woods and trails. I walked around for 1 hour playing with my hard cock.I got completely naked.It was 1;30 n the afternoon. I got on top of a full parking lot car and proceeded to masturbate onto a windshield off a car. After i came i looked up and saw 5 people just standing their and watching me. I got so turned on by the fack they watche me cum all over thed winshield in brood day light. i got into my car and left. i never heard anything from it.So in repeated everywhere for about two years.never caught.

Masterbating an Older Man

I was only 15 at the time and this place was a medium size regular theater showing adult films exclusively and during those days, they could care less about who was coming in just so they can sell tickets.

The first time, my cock was pulsing in my pants and I really wanted to jack off but was so scared. I did see other guys jacking off and rubbing themselves on top of their shorts, so I did that too. Then an old guy sat down next to me and outright pulled my hand and tried to put it on his lap, but I yanked it away really quickly. I left but thought about it later what it would have felt like.

Got Caught Watching Uncle

I had to wank after what I saw!

Getting Caught

I am a divorced dad and one summer day after my son went to camp I decided I needed a day to relax and play with myself. I locked the front door and went into my room and put on a porno. I strip down and start to slowly jerk off. I must have been really into the movie when I look up and my neighbor Gina is watching me. Gina is also divorced and I stop the movie and cover up. She smiles and says "please keep going. I haven't seen a man jerk off in a while." I ask her to join me and Gina pulls out her phone and calls in sick. She then starts to take off her cloths. Gina is full figured and when I see her breasts I tell her how I want to suck each one. She takes off her pantyhose and turns around and slides down her panties. I can see her big ass and her hairy pussy looking at me.

Beautiful Pussies

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This is a real incident happened with me when I am in age 18 years. I have beautiful Mom and sis with me. They are very pretty and sexy figures. I used to see them naked during the peeing and bathing. One day I make a hole to bathroom door and regularly started to watching their pussies while they take bath. One day when my sis sleeping I lifted her skirt and saw I her beautiful pussy and I started to licking her pussy and its so tasty and giving good smell. After some time I notice my sis is not sleeping and she in in conscious mood. But she didn't refuse pussy licking she is enjoying.

Sexy Girl

She was so fucking sexy, I swear!. I wanted her so bad. I wanted to fuck her and eat her pussy. I wanted to pleasure her so bad. Her name was Pascale and she was my classmate. We were close friends in High School and I talked to her a lot. Little did she know that every night I would imagine myself penetrating her pussy and giving her an orgasm. I was pretty sure she was a virgin so I imagined myself giving her, her first sexual encounter, thus breaking her hymen.

The Boss and His Intern

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I had been fucking the boss for three years. I didn't feel guilty about it, even though I'd be staring at the picture of his wife and kids on the credenza, when he had me bent over the edge of the couch in his office, feeding his dick to my pussy. 3 to 4 times a week, he'd call me into his office from my cubicle just outside his door, lock the door, bend me over the couch, pull my skirt up and my panties down, unzip his pants and fuck me. The office fucks were usually quick, but on a rare occasion, we would be on a business trip, and share his hotel bed. Then the sex was long, drawn out, and wonderful.

This Morning

I had never masturbated in front of anyone before this morning. My boyfriend and I had a wonderful evening the night before of long passionate love. While I never orgasm from sex, I need direct clitoral stimulation, he had taken me to orgasm three times last night, first in extended foreplay, then with expert cunnilingus, and finally by fingering me after he had cum in me. I truly love being fucked, the feeling of being so full, the intimacy, and I do experience great pleasure, I just can't get off with it alone. This morning Jeff woke me by stroking my breast, kissing my ear, and rubbing his erection against my back. He whispered that he needed to cum in me again, but didn't have much time. (That's Jeff not so subtle, or uncommon way of telling me he isn't going to make me cum).

Hot Moonlight Date

A couple on a hot date experience passionate pleasure under the moonlight...

As he slid his strong fingers into my hot wetness, I remembered how nervous I was at the start of this date. When I first saw him standing outside the diner I was shocked at the instant attraction I felt, the intense feeling my pussy was starting to get. He was a tall guy, longish brown hair, soft brown eyes and oh my god that dimple. It made me weak at the knees.

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