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Education and entertaining members on going solo - masturbation.
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Giving Oral

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I thought I would describe how I give head… *lol*+blush* … based on how my husband likes it…. so here goes.. no laughing! Nice Guy Shot

To start, I like to caress his cock through his jeans… making him hard before I undo his jeans.. I find it both visually stimulating, as well as how it feels under my fingers, rock hard… dying to be unleashed…

I like it best when he’s standing and I kneel before him… my hands sliding over the bulge in his jeans, stretching the buttons to the max… letting my hands softly caress his thighs as I take the top of his jeans in my teeth… tugging at it gently until the top button pops… my fingers smooth his jeans, pushing his hard cock upwards until it peeks out at me from the top of his boxer briefs…

Hurry Home Long Absences

For the last couple of years my wife has worked far enough away so that we are only able to get together about every three months for several weeks. I think about her all day and I still feel the emotional ties despite the thousands of miles between us. I think about her smile all the time and how she would respond to something that I’ve seen or said to myself. Often I find myself just smiling while thinking about her during the day. I’m pretty sure my co-workers think I’ve gone ‘round the bend. Frequently I entertain myself on off hours thinking of our sexual adventures together. I wrote to her about my one of my recollections in great detail after reading some of the stories on MH and that got a remarkable response from her.

my sister jean

Ever since Jean and I were young we have been close the event I will never forget happened just under 10 yrs ago I was 44 and she was 46 . I had won a week at a holiday cottage in a Scotland at the time I needed time away from my wife (still do) and my sister Jean was upset at failing her driving test again so I asked her to join me to try and cheer her up. We'll the first 2 days went ok nothing exciting but still pleasant on the third day I started to notice how Jean was a sexy looking woman still is . I prefer the cuddly slightly chubby figure. I started to flirt with Jean by teasing her with little comments on how good she looks and how lucky her husband Graham is she blushed a lot and said let's go for a walk in the countryside. I need some fresh air.

enjoy reading

I have enjoyed jerking off to many of the posted stories and wish at some of the times I was the main male chacter within them!

Hotel Affairs

Right now I'm just sitting out on the Lanai (deck) of my 4th floor hotel room, overlooking the Pacific coast and the hotel pool below. I'm stone-cold naked and sitting right next to the railing, so anyone at the pool who looks up can easily see me; and what I'm doing! It's one of those railings made of glass, which gives a clear unobstructed view. If anyone was looking up within the last hour they would have seen me eating out my honey and my honey giving me a hand-job. Now they can watch me masturbate some more, while she’s in the shower! And if you’re asking why I’m feeling the need to masturbate so soon after receiving a great hand-job, well it’s because I’ve been composing a personal message to a friend here a MaturbationPage and it’s got me all hard again and wanting more!

Fuck Me Please!

I want a bad boy who will tell me what to do to my tight little pussy.... Any takers?
I'm waiting my sexy daddy's;)

Hot Stuff

If there has been one constant in my sexual life it is that I masturbate. I'm a guy and I masturbate regularly. I think I'm normal.
I started at 13 and I have been a frequent masturbator ever since.
As I got older and was sexually active I masturbated after dates, before dates, the next morning after sex. When I went out I knew that if I did not get sex I could masturbate and I did, often.
Cohabitating with my GF or my wife never stopped me from masturbating in the shower which I did a lot of. I told my wife before we married that I masturbate and she has called me her smooth masturbator ever since.
I masturbate in my marriage and have been so for the last 32 yrs. I have plenty of sexual desire and my wife's is not as strong.

True Story: Jilling outdoor show

I often wanted to have an anonymous stranger watch me masturbate, and I finally got the nerve to give it a chance. I was in an upscale hotel and casino in Las Vegas. I had a beautiful first floor room with an outdoor patio and a fireplace. I was alone. I showered, shaved, moisturized and perfumed my entire body, then I put on some new lingerie, a black corset with thigh high stockings and high heels. To cover the whole outfit and to keep a bit warmer in the cool desert air, I put on a large soft bathrobe I had just purchased at the spa. I rolled a joint and poured a glass of wine and turned on the fireplace, taking my seat in front of it on the oversized couch.

my frist encounter

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Well I wasn't really caught masterbating but it was really great. I went over to some friends house. They were busy rough housing around in the living room and I really didn't want to do that. I could hear th TV in there older brothers room so I just walked in. Dan was sitting in the bed with the covers pulled up watching TV. I jumped up on his bed and started watching TV with him. I didn't know much about masterbating at the time. I started to get cold so a climbed under the covers with him. I could feel the bed shaking and couldn't figure out what he was doing to make it shake. I looked over at him and he had this wierd look on his face. I was wearing shorts at the time and then I felt something wet and warm running down my leg.

severe exhibitionist

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T%his is very true.I was 19 and using steroids.I was in great shape and slender. T he steroids made me more horny than i already was. I was in the faribault mn prison parking lot. Sorroundng 30 car parking lot was all woods and trails. I walked around for 1 hour playing with my hard cock.I got completely naked.It was 1;30 n the afternoon. I got on top of a full parking lot car and proceeded to masturbate onto a windshield off a car. After i came i looked up and saw 5 people just standing their and watching me. I got so turned on by the fack they watche me cum all over thed winshield in brood day light. i got into my car and left. i never heard anything from it.So in repeated everywhere for about two years.never caught.

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