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Education and entertaining members on going solo - masturbation.
Female Masturbation


Wedding Hardon

I attended a friends wedding this past weekend and got more that I expected. I've had a leg, foot and shoe fetish for as long as I can remember. We all know how most of the women dress at weddings and this one was no exception. Once I entered the building, I was over loaded with women walking around in their split up the side skirts, short skirts, and other variations of such. and of course all the open toe high heels and sandals. I knew I would be seeing all this, so I brought my camera to take pictures for my own pleasure. While waiting for the wedding to start I walked around and took several sneaky shots of the feet I saw and liked. I reviewed those pictures during the wedding itself and found myself getting a hard on. Luckily nobody saw my bulge while I was sitting there.

Show me your pussy

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Laura stared at the blank computer screen, her mind spinning with desperation. Write something! Anything! The black cursor kept blinking at her. Nothing came.

She never had writer's block-never.

Well, until her recent breakup with David. Even now, as she lifted her gaze to the gently falling snow out the window in front of her, she couldn't quite figure out why ending the relationship had affected her so severely.

She'd never seen David as a stimulant to her creativity-after all, he was all business, the quintessential suit and tie guy, the corporate icon, partner in one of Seattle's most prestigious law firms at thirty-two. Had she loved him that much? Had she loved him at all?

Can't Wait to Get Home

I'd gone to a friend's housewarming party with my boyfriend, Marco. Being honest, I would have preferred to have just stayed home and fuck all night, but it was about an hour or so drive along the motorway from where we lived and Marco wanted to go, so I had to be patient. The party turned out to be quite boring and I couldn't stop thinking about what Marco and I would do to each other once we got back. From the look on his face, I could see he was thinking the same thing and the way his hand kept grabbing my ass affirmed that. It had been a busy week for both of us, and we hadn't seen much of each other.

His hands were just as busy as he drove us home. Once we were on the motorway, he reached a hand onto my stocking clag leg and started to massage upwards along my thigh.

Vacuum Cleaner Masturbation

Masturbation is something I love to do. Especially the way I am about to describe and what I use. What I love to do is use a vacuum cleaner with hose attachments. Now get ready as I describe my favorite way to vacuum cleaner for masturbation. First thing I do is start watching a hardcore anal dvd. While watching I start by laying back in bed. Next I start lubing my cock, balls, and asshole real well. By rubbing plenty of vicks vapor rub. Now for added pleasure I take some chunks of Icy hot. I use one to rub all over my cock till it completely melts. The other chunk I Stick it deep in my asshole. Next I grab the baby oil pour it all over. Place the hose completely over my cock and balls. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and let the sucking begin. I promise you as the icy hot is melting.

I would like to be urinated on

once an idea came up and it's stuck ever since. I'd like to be urinated on while lying down, by my gf. everywhere even on my face and mouth. then forced to do as told and eat her out. find the idea of it dominating and kinky a huge turnon

How much will i cum

been masturbating all day. gettin myself to edge and stopping. i wish there was somebody here, that would be great. watchin vids of women jerking men til they edge several times before they cum. some of them even ruin the man's orgasm. being one who always controlled the sexual escapades, it is a turn on to allow women that control over me....


I just can't stop masturbating and cum

Me and Masturbation

To begin with I don't remember a time when I didn't masturbate. I have always loved feeling my pussy and rubbing my clitoris until I would orgasm.

I was watching television with my father and I noticed he had his pants unzipped and his hand inside them. I would glance back and forth and notice his hands sliding back and forth. I noticed a bulge growing inside his pants and was enjoying watching him. He then stopped rubbing his bulge and came over and kissed me on the cheek and said he was going to bed.

After my dad went to bed I slid my hands inside my panties and rubbed my pussy. When I touched myself I loved that feeling. I rubbed in little circles around my clitoris and I had my first orgasm. I was hooked on masturbation ever since.

Weird masturbation with a friend

Okay, so another memory, fast forward about 4 years, we are in a new town, I have a bunch of new friends, one boy I became very friendly with. He said his mother wanted me to come over for lunch on a Saturday, I asked my mom and she said okay, it was my first time at his place on a Saturday. We would go over after school and play catch or something in the back yard. Anyhow, I go over his house and were playing for awhile when his mom called us in for lunch. His dad was home and his sisters. We go on his screen porch and eat our sandwiches. After lunch he pulls out these magazines with naked women. I was shocked but got horny right away. His mother walks in and I hid the magazine. She laughed and said you don't have to hide it.

My first time masturbating

I love reading these stories and finally decided to contribute. A few brought me back to when I first started to masturbate. I was about 9 years old. We had just moved into a new apartment in a beautiful seacoast town. I went out exploring and ran into 3 of the neighbor kids. 2 boys my age and and older girl, I think she was 13. She said they were going to their secret fort. We walked to this area that had run down tennis courts abd a big out door empty swimming pool. She went to this area near the pool and opened up this metal hatch and climbed down I followed with the other 2 boys. It was the old filter room of the pool. She lit some candles and sat me down on an old crate. She said this will be our secret.

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