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Education and entertaining members on going solo - masturbation.
Male Masturbation


From Boyhood to Manhood

My first experience with jacking off was with two other boys. we were about 6 years old. one boy had seen his dad humping his mother, and his peter got hard. his daddy saw him with his peter out and jacked him to what felt like an orgasm. he showed the other guy and me so we played with our own peters until we had the same sensation. our curiosity got the best of us when the one boy told about seeing his dad, and the stuff that spewed out. I never seen any body hair.

Buried Daddy

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First, I am bisexual. Second so was my daddy. I am married & have 2 kids and I love both my wife and kids, but I also loved my daddy very much?

My daddy was a mans man in almost every way! He taught me to hunt, fish, play golf and tennis, and to wrestle. Wrestling was the most enjoyable!

I loved to hug him from the time I was a child, and he, in turn, loved to hug me. He did not touch my sex organs at all as a child. I did see him naked often, and one time he had a hard on. We often showered together after swimming in our pool.


About a year ago, I became curious about what it would be like to dress up as a girl. I have never had any urge to actually be a girl. I like being a guy. But I'm young and thin and I began to wonder if I would make a passable girl. So just for the heck of it, one day I bought some lip stick and eye liner and nail polish. I went home and tried combing my hair out to make it look as femine as possible, applied some makeup and painted the nails on both my hands and feet.

The Doctor

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I started seeing a doctor for annual physicals about three years ago. He is about the same age as I am and he is drop dead cute. He knows I am gay and does constant tests regarding any std's. When I am at the office for exams, he suggests that I take off all my clothes before putting on one of those backless gowns. And then he does a thorough exam of all my body parts, including handling my penis and scrotum. He does not mind if I start getting erect. He gives me my anal inspection every visit, and he takes his time.

Summer Fun

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When I was younger, I was like all boys with a healthy urge to masturbate. Where I lived, there weren't too many other kids from school around, so spent quite a bit of time by myself, which was ok because it gave me time to indulge in my favorite past time of jacking off. My parents were divorced, so it was just mom and me. As soon as she left for work in the mornings, I was out of my clohtes and stroking my erection. I loved the freedom of doing that around the house, although soon it started to become a little less exciting. We lived on the edge of town where there was a lot of undeveloped land, and one day I was out walking around there, and the idea of my getting naked outdoors was very tempting.

Memorable Events

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Aged 31, I have had two boyfriend over a period of ten years, the first of which I terminated as it was going nowhere and the other where he, by then my fiancee, suddenly and unexpectedly walked out on me. I was devastated and in the past two years have withdrawn into myself, had no boyfriends and, despite being very sensual and fantasise about male bodies, which by sheer chance led me to this websites, I simply turned off sexually, as women can do much better than men. Very occasionally I masturbated but very rarely reached an orgasm. Instead I was happy in my job, being with friends and family. Then I met Jason (not his real name) two months ago at a friends wedding and we began to hit it off well.

Caught Masturbating in Mid-Orgasm

I was a teen and I had just figured out how things worked to my fulfillment. It was great I woild get home from school and run up stairs to my room striping as I went. I masturbated in various position from on my back to humping things, but when I had my first orgasim I was on my feet standing as I fingered my self. Since I had my first orgasim this way I continued fantasing there was a guy doing me from behind and as I came I would rise up on my tippy toes tightening all my muscles.

First Time Masturbating

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Hello, I thought I might share my 'experience' with you.

I remember I was 13 or 12 when I first accidentally masturbated, in the bathtub, while having a shower. I directioned the water towards my vagina for a few seconds when I realised it just felt so good. Soon, I was laying down, in my bathtub with my legs on the wall and having all the water going powerfully in my vagina. When I finished, I think I got a full orgasm, I was shaking and could barely stand. After that, I got excited and couldn't wait until my next shower.

Ultimate Masturbation Experience

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I've been dating Tommy for 8 months and when we first had sex it was all the normal things. After a couple months he began to get more kinky and talked me into tieing each other up and satisfying each other. I was leery about doing this in the beginning but now am happy to amuse him and have him satisfy me like never before.

Memorable Self-Pleasuring

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It all began over a year ago at Sandy's cousin Frank's house. Me and my girlfriend Sandy began playing beer pong with her cousin and three of his friends. Sandy and I live together and are sexually active with each other but we are both bisexual. Eventually we were talked into playing strip poker and after an hour or so we were all pretty much naked or close to it. That first night Sandy and I along with the four guys all masturbated in front of each other. We began partying a couple times a month and it got more intimate each week. Sandy and I talked about it and we both enjoyed the attention we were getting from the guys and by the second month were maturbating each other.

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