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Female Masturbation

My Son Loves Wearing Thongs

Let me start off by introducing myself, I'm Jenny a single mom of one, thirty five. My son is thirteen and his name is James but everyone just calls him Jimmy.

I came home from work the one day a little early and as I entered the house I heard music coming from upstairs so I knew Jimmy was home. I called out to him with no reply so I made my way upstairs to say hello. As I got near the top of the stairs his door was wide open and that's where the music was coming from. I stepped into the doorway and what I saw left me speechless.

My son was on his knees on his bed facing away from me wearing one of my thongs. He was watching some sort of soft core porno on his tv and stroking quite an impressive erection. Now I know that teenage boys need to masturbate, and feel the need to do so on quite a regular basis. I've noticed the stains in his underwear and sometimes on his bed sheets and I think I've actually heard him stroking away while he's been in the bathroom and in bed while he thinks I'm asleep down the hall. But to see this was something else.

I recognized the thong straight away as being one of mine as its a leopard print and I must say that against his tanned skin it looked quite good on him. His butt cheeks looked firm and muscular. His left hand was down on the bed as he was leaning over stoking his penis like crazy, I could see his balls and his cock pulled out the side of my lingerie. The tv screen was filled with playboy type models showing their breasts and fantastic figures while dancing to the music. I could tell he was enjoying himself as he was too enthralled in what was happening on the screen to even notice that I was there.

I quietly made my way back downstairs feeling somewhat excited. My little boy is becoming a man. But I had to wonder to myself 'Is it normal that my son is wearing one of his mother's thongs?'. I sat downstairs for a while to leave him to finish playing with himself. I could hear him cleaning himself up in the bathroom. When he eventually came downstairs he looked surprised as hell to see me sitting in the lounge.

"What are you doing home so early mom?" he said

"I've been home a while, I think you better come and sit down while we have a talk."

I could see him gulp, he knew he was in trouble.

"I saw what you were doing upstairs Jimmy," his face became red and embarrassed in an instance, "but I want you to know that what you were doing is absolutely fine so please don't be embarrassed." I said.

"I'm really sorry mom, I..." I cut him off, he looked like he was about to cry.

"No, don't be sorry. All young boys masturbate, most men too." I said to him, "How long have you been doing it?" I wanted to put him at ease a little.

"I think about a year now, I heard some of the boys at school talking and thought I'd try it myself. I've been hooked ever since."

"But why were you wearing my underwear honey?" I asked.

"I don't know, they're really sexy!" he said.

"Do you want to dress like a lady? Is that what it is?"

"No mom, I just really like that style of underwear. Is it just ladies that wear them then?"

"No I think some men do as well, if you like I could buy you some men's ones." I saw his eyes light up as I said this. "It's not nice to go through somebody else's things without asking, especially women's underwear."

"I'm really sorry mom, like I said I really like that style of underwear." He replied.

I could tell he was genuinely sorry so we I forgave him and we sat and talked for a while.

The next day I used my lunch break to head out to the shops and have a look around for some thongs for Jimmy. I was quite surprised at the amount of places that actually do sell thongs for men. I bought him a few, black, white, red, and I got him a similar animal print one like the one he was wearing of mine yesterday. After coming home I showed them to him and he was real excited.

"Well, you'll have to go and try one on so I can see if I got the right size." I told him.

"Err, I don't know mom..." he timidly said.

"Come on mister, after yesterday I've seen it all before!"

"Ok then, I'll be right back." and he ran off up the stairs like a rocket.

After about two minutes he came back downstairs wearing the black one and to be honest it suited him quite well.

"So do you like them?" I asked him.

"Hell yeah mom, do they look ok on me?"

I could tell he was getting aroused as I was looking at him because I could see his penis stiffening up.

"Yeah they look good, but I think you need to go and take care of something honey." I said pointing at his hardening cock.

"Thanks mom." all I could see was his cute little ass running off up the hallway.

After that day things got a lot more liberal around our house. Seeing as he used to wear boxers to bed and get up without putting anything on, he now gets up in one of his thongs and just strolls leisurely around the house. He wears nothing but thongs now and only has two pairs of regular boy pants that he wears when he has P.E. at school or goes swimming with his friends. He wears them to sunbathe in our back garden, and now that he's started to grow pubic hair, I've taught him how to shave and trim it back so it doesn't look unsightly in his thongs.

I'd love to know if any of you mothers out there have sons that like wearing thongs, or any of you guys that like wearing them. Please let us know.

Men wearing womens undies

I am male and often wear thongs and all sort of panties as I have a feminine side, and when I do I adopt my feminised name. Plus I get a sexual thrill from it as well.

It started out with me wearing my wife's undies in secret, but she found out and said that I should just go out and get my own.

So I did.

My Son Loves Wearing Thongs

Hi Jenny. I wrote a very similar story a while ago, about my son who wore my panties and masturbated into them. Our ages are reasonably similar, I am 38 and my son was 16 at the time. With some help and suggestions from readers in this forum, I have been able to resolve my dilemma.

I told him it was unacceptable to wear my panties and masturbate into them, as it was an invasion of privacy; but should he want to wear female underwear, then I would be happy to buy some for him. He accepted my suggestion and he has not masturbated into my panties since, much to my relief.

At the same time, I started walking around the kitchen and other parts of the house naked while it was summer. At first, it felt really strange and he was always looking at me, but quickly, the naked body lost its mystique to him. I also took him to a nude beach where he had the chance to look at other people, completely naked, unashamed, and uninhibited.

After that, he too would walk around the house naked, often sporting an erection as most boys do at that age. Resulting from many questions by him about women, their anatomy, if I masturbate, etc; I sat beside him one night in the lounge and openly masturbated in front of him and revealed the real world to him. I also told him not to be ashamed to masturbate as everyone does it, and if he feels the need to do so, then go ahead.

Since then, he has found a g/f, much to my delight and they are getting on really well together. She has even gone to the nude beach with us for 3 days over Easter this year. He has gained much maturity over the past few months and I believe my openness with my son has been the result.

So Jenny, If I may offer advice to you, having gone through exactly the same thing as you; just be open with him, talk to him, find out what he likes. Have you masturbated in front of him? I feel it is best to learn these things in a friendly, loving and educational way; and not from porn on the Internet, where the concept of sex becomes so distorted. Both you and your son will soon reap the rewards from your actions. It is hard being a single parent and bringing up a son, and having to do what a father should be doing.

Should you need any further advice or want to ask any other questions, please feel free to email me at would be pleased to answer any questions you have. Good luck and I have empathy with you over your post.


yea well most boys at that age from personal experiance, are more open with their mothers than their fathers. i mean comon if my dad were to bring out his wang in front of me and say "okay son, its time u learned about masturbating"... id be realllyyyy creeped out and probobly would kill myself. just joking id probobly run away.
anyway you get the picture
boys are more comfortable with their mothers for the most part

as for the thong thing... im not really into that but never tried it either
whatever its personal choice

Men wearing womens underwear

I am male and often wear thongs and all sort of panties as I have a feminine side, and when I do I adopt my feminised name. Plus I get a sexual thrill from it as well.

It started out with me wearing my wife's undies in secret, but she found out and said that I should just go out and get my own.

So I did.

men wearing thong undewear

I am writing this to let you know that i like wearing thong underwear. I know some people say that thongs are uncomfortable but if you get the right size and style thongs can be quite comfy.

Men wearing thong underwear

I am writting this to inform you that it is quite normal for guys to wear g-strings or thongs. I can tell you the following; I am in my early 40's and my wife always wear g-strings and was asking me why never wear this. She said it is quite sexy for men too. So why not, and I start wearing gstrings and thongs. In the beginning you need to get used to it, but after a while I start getting used to it and like it a lot. It is surey comfortable and still my wife says sexy, although she is younger then myself. The only thing you should understand is hat the size should be accordingly, because if you get erected it should be still confortable. It looks great and feels good. Even when we are at the beaches it feels good and sexy. We are also naturists, but even there we wear g-strings and/or thongs. the only item is there are not so many shops where you can buy them. Maybe someone could advice where are shops who are specialists in selling this in Europe.

men wearing womens underwear

I am male and often wear thongs and all sort of panties as I have a feminine side, and when I do I adopt my feminised name. Plus I get a sexual thrill from it as well.

It started out with me wearing my wife's undies in secret, but she found out and said that I should just go out and get my own.

So I did.