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Yes, I know all the warnings about using a vacuum cleaner but my technique comes from many years of careful experimenting. I a 40 year old mom and have become more sexual as I have gotten older and I find that I am constantly looking for more ways to masturbate. The usual is just now enough for me now so I am constantly on the lookout for more enjoyable ways to masturbate. I really need stronger orgasms to become truly satisfied. I never use the regular vacuum that I use on the floors but a special small european type that I keep just for my solo pleasure so that way I can keep it very clean. The object is not to create a suction but to cause your lips and clitoris to flutter just inside the end of the tube. I found a small soft rubber attachment that I use instead of the sharp metal piece. This will eliminate any discomfort. I usually start out by fantasising about my time with my vacuum. I get completely naked on my bed and begin playing with my fingers or my vibrator. Yes, I do enjoy all the regular methods but when I want a really powerful orgasm, I always get out my vacuum cleaner. As thing progress I switch on the vacuum and begin to slowly bring the suction end near my lips. I go very slowly & carefully so I don't get the full suction power. My lips begin to flutter along with my clit which is now quit large. I just lay back with the suction from the vacuum increasing the fluttering until I have the most wonderful, fulfilling orgasm ever. I just keep the nozzle still and I go from one orgasm to another and each one is stronger that the first. When I have had enough I drop back into the bed enjoying the after shocks. My lips and clit are so sensitive for many hours after and it is so wonderful. Please never be afraid to experiment. Alway use common sence but always find newer ways to enjoy yourself.

Vaccuum Cleaner's are grate

I worked at Bar cleaning up after they closed up. They had a vaccuum in the wall. You just open the door to plug in the hose and it would come on. One night I was realy horney and had to masturbat. I got naked and started to jack off this wasn't quite doing it to night, then I thought about the vaccuum. I layed down on my side and I could slide my dick right in the hole with the vaccuum pulling on my dick. I found that if you got just right that it would flutter just like your pussy did. These was grate and I had a grate time with it more than once.

chilling thought...

did you ever think that maybe you aren't the only man who's used that vacuum for that?