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Where do I begin? It really was some thing. Over the course of the afternoon, two days ago, I had a frolic of approximately 10 ejaculations, it was dazzling!

With my own made rubber cock ring snug and in place around my shaft and sack, as well as one medium size ball ring, I stroked the afternoon away pouting and firming up my beauty. No less than 5 times with a firm fist grip I did beat my meat and ejaculate, it was sooooo beautiful, I just love to pound my pudding. With thumb and index finger forming a little cup around the head, I delicately portioned out nice amounts of milk, and then slowly slid my hand down my shaft and then up again, mixing in the sweetness. It was so wonderful, 5 cock and handfuls of milky pudding.

A clean smooth hairless little cock stroker alone on the beach, milking myself in plane view, in the sun, pleasuring myself the Solo Touch way.

Drinking copious amounts of coffee and juice, but I held off, not peeing, allowing the pressure to build in my cock. Oh so pouty, firm and full, it was great, I have done this before but not quite the same, I did pee a few times. Until my pee was clear, tasteless. The kind that guys can pee into a glass at the pub on a bet and drink after they have cleaned out their bladder with rounds of beer, anyway. Stroking my wonder boy was grand, my lovely lovely cock! Wanting to burst out pleasure, laying on my back I pumped our little squirts of pee into the air with my PC cock muscle as I jacked my hairless beauty. It feels very much like shooting milky sweetness. It was luscious, ejaculating milk, then clear pee, milk, then pee, the day away, oh my throbbing cock. Next summer I shall do that again with an unsuspecting watcher. Man oh man it was so fun, so memorable, I'll not soon forget my new found play thing.

When I removed my cock ring, my cock stayed firmish and pouty as I walked along the shoreline, where at any moment, anyone could venture by, I wish they had of, I love showing off my hairless little body, with my lovely little cock standing out. Small cocks are great!

I do believe I have taken jacking off to a new level, attainable to only the masturbation devote. I hate to us the "I" word so much when writing but hey! It was about me—and my cock.

masturbating a dog

One of my most memorable masturbating experiences was masturbating a dog. We were looking after a friend’s male dog, who was obviously pretty randy as he quite frequently masturbated by lying on the sofa and humping it until he came. One day, when I was alone in the house I was getting pretty randy myself and started to rub myself through my trousers. The dog came over to me and started sniffing my crutch. Soon he had an erection too and I couldn’t resist touching it. This obviously excited him and so I started to rub it. He then went wild and very soon came. Spurting watery sperm all over me and the floor. I then took out my penis and came pretty quickly as well. The dog immediately licked up the sperm and got another erection, so I masturbated him once more. Our mutual masturbation sessions became quite regular and the dog enjoyed licking my erect penis while I masturbated him.
Eventually I decided to try something more adventurous. I stripped off and bent over, doggy style, in front of the dog and tied to get him to mount me. Eventually he did and I managed to guide his penis towards my anus. He didn’t really penetrate me, but he humped me around the opening and very soon shot sperm all over my ass. I came at more or less the same time and the dog licked up my and his own sperm.
Unfortunately after a couple of weeks the dog went home and I’ve never had another opportunity to masturbate a dog…