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A few weeks ago I was vacationing on Block Island off the Rhode Island coast with some friends. One morning I decided to take a walk along the very desolate streets, it being so late in the season, in search of the beach. I followed the sounds of the waves until I found an access path that let me onto the rocky wide open beach. It was a beautiful morning, not a cloud in the sky and not a soul to be seen. I'm not one for outdoor masturbation, but the thought always intrigues me. Well, after a few days without any, I decided to give it a try. I walked down the beach about 100 feet and tried getting myself comfortable on a log washed up on shore for the experience. After several tries, the only way that worked was with my shorts around my ankles. So the stroking began with my dick. The air was cool and crisp against my balls and I was rock hard. I kept checking both directions to make sure no one was walking on the beach. There was a boat off the shore that was going by, but only with binoculars could they have seen me....maybe they did. (I kind of hope so.) I was really getting into it when I suddenly noticed 2 people come down the same path I did and stop before getting on the beach. Their movements looked to be of older people that may not be so steady on their feet. I whipped my pants up as fast as I could and continued to sit as if nothing happened...just admiring the beautiful day and ocean scenery. The couple sat down on some rocks near the path and I was waiting to see if they would leave. They didn't for the ten minutes I gave them. So I left down the beach in search of a safer place to get the deed I started done. About 20 minutes later, I found a cool spot next to some rocks that gave me lookout vantage points. So, down came the shorts, out popped my cock and balls and the stroking started again. When that familiar feeling took over, I started getting into it and even letting out some "F*$K YEAS!" After I spurted my 5 shots onto the sand below, I picked up my shorts and started heading back to the path. It was then I realized my wallet was gone. I knew it had to be back at the log. I retraced my steps and sure enough, it was sitting right where I zipped up quick. I have to say, the experience of jerkin off outside was more exciting than I thought. I hope I get some more opportunities to try this.


I'm with you Cyber. Getting caught by a voyeur adds to the pleasure!

Stroking in my car

A short time back i was in Galveston, Tx. For those that aren't familiar with that town, It's an island on the Texas coast of the Gulf of Mexico. It has a road that run parallel to the beach/seawall. This road has parking right next to the side walk that's on top of the seawall. In my opinion, this is one the best places to masturbate while sitting in your car. You can just sit there and watch all the hot looking women in their bikinis walk right past you while you stroke your cock. I've done this on more occasions that i can remember. On this most recent one, i had started at the end that's not so busy. That's were i got naked except for my shirt. I like being ready for when i see a parking spot near a lot of women as i slowly drive down the road. I had found a nice spot and had been there stroking my cock for about an hour of so. I had noticed two nice looking young women coming up the seawall from behind me. I had already lubed my cock with baby oil and got so excited with i saw them, but just before they got to my car, they walked down some steps to the beach. I watched them walk down the beach under a fishing pier. I noticed that one had a camera and was taking pictures of the other one. After about 30 or so minutes they both walked up some steps onto the seawall again. I knew that they would be passing right outside my window and got excited again and got really busy stroking. I had already reclined my seat back to make myself more comfortable and continued stroking as they passed by. The one that had been doing the modeling looked in my window and saw what i was doing. She quickly got her friends attention and they both watched as i blew my hot load all over myself and steering wheel. They both smiled and giggled a little before walking off towards their car. I could see that they were both talking to each other about what they had just seen. I'm so looking forward to having another experience like this one in the near future. If you are even in Galveston, go check it out. You wont be disappointed.

stroking on the beach

have to agree with cyber theres something really good about being on a beach.
ive got into naturism and try and go nude as much as poss on holiday.
The beach i use in Spain is pretty isolated and is used mainly by men .these beaches have what they call lobster pots which are like wind breaks. great having your own space ,and also for when other come to check if its free. Thats the time your viewed most if you dont care to walk around.Sometimes you can see people or person coming in your direction , on several occasions i like to lay there with full hard on pretending to be asleep. its surprising how many people linger just out of view to watch you, men and women.
On one occasion i chose to put my things on the side of a sand dune /come small mound with a couple of man made lobster pots.
i'd been there about 30 minutes when out of the corner of my eye i saw a women peeping from another area just above me.
ive been in this situation before and always wanted to try something.
So without making eye contact , i got up and walk to the sea , walked in chest high got my whole body wet but all the time my mind was racing and at last i could feel my cock getting hard, great time to get back, as i left the sea i could still see the women peeping by well hidden.she must now have seen my hard on as i got back and lay out on my i now have to go for it. so i start to stroke my dick all the time looking out of the corner of my eye, and yes shes watching . this is going to be quick and before i know it im blasting several shot up my stomach wow felt so good and im covered in cum. im thinking the sun will dry this and i reach for a cigarette . as i light it the women appears at my side my god , shes speaking german and holding an unlit ciggy . i gave her a light and unfazed she returned.
I didnt know whether to feel let down or what , all the time she was waiting for me to finish so she could ask for a light. iknow the germans are open minded but she didnt seem to care at all.
ive since had many encounters with men but none like that.

stroking on the beach

The beach is probably my favorite place to masturbate. I however like getting caught or watched.
Having a total stranger watch me blow my load is such a turn on.