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I work days and my wife goes to school. One day my son thought he had the house to himself but I came home early. He was walking around the house naked, with an erection. He had the same size penis as me and we are both circumsized. He was shocked and embarassed but his erection remained. I told him it was okay and that I did it sometimes one weekends. I told him we are very similar in ways..he said "really?!" in an excited tone. He eventually asked to see my penis. I agreed and pulled my pants down. He seemed amazed and commented that our penis's do look the same. Keeping in mind the whole time he is naked on the couch and now Im naked to, we decided we may as well just walk around naked. we did and both had huge erections, he said he knew I hid porn dvds and asked if we could watch, I thought it would be good so we laid on my bed and watched porn and started stroking away. He wanted to touch mine...i agreed, I figure we;re just like buddies, I had a buddy in high school that I jacked off with and masturbated. So I let him jack me off and I jacked him too. We heard a noise and stopped for a bit then went into the shower. We continued jacking off there, and we came on each other. Now we are very open and often shower together

Dad and son jacking off together.

I have jacked off with my dad. I'm his only son too. My dad was single and I lived with him. He had a one room place so it was just easier for us to do it together. My dad jacked off once a day or more so it was a lot easier for him. We only jacked off together, anything else would be too weird. It is not that big of a deal! A great father and son bonding experience!! My dad is my best friend and I'm sure this has made us even closer.

my dad taught me....

Both my mom and dad are working out of town. One day when my dad had his vacation leave he told me that we will see a porno movie. When the movie began my dad take off his pants and brief and began stroking his huge and fat dick. He then ask me to undressed and asking me if i have been masturbating before, i said, "i have no experience dad".
So immediately i take off also my shorts and brief and following what my dad is doing. He handed me oil to put on my cock, then he held my cock and began stroking until i blown up my first load in my dad's hand. He then took my hand and we both stroke his huge dick. That was my first masturbation lesson.
After that incident, we both spend masturbating for 15 years when we had out time together.
I know my dad and i are both straight.




Dayum, I agree, what a great dad.


that is amazing! i wish i had a dad like u that would b some nice father-son bonding time haha.

Dad & son

I really enjoy this story alot.Love when Male's enjoy there cock's.