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Learning with my brothers

I am half of a set of identical twins and we had started to become very curious about sex. The previous year we had had what our school district calls the "maturation program," where they tell us some of the basics of puberty and some basic (and I emphasize basic) details about sex. This had planted the seeds for our new-found curiosity, and many night-time conversations as we fell asleep.

One night, we were walking back from the kitchen in the middle of the night, making sure to be quiet so as not to wake my parents, when we walked past the door to my parents' room. We heard my father grunting and just then we saw him pulling out of my mother in the dim light, white globs dripping from the end of his penis. We quickly ran to our room so as not to get in trouble, but this experience sparked our curiosity even further.

At night, as we would be getting ready to get into the shower, one of us would try making a hole out of three fingers, and the other would stick our penis into it, waiting to see if something would happen. My understanding of sex at that time was that the man sticks his "rigid" penis into a woman's equivalent of the penis and that sperm would come out. I knew nothing of the movement or pleasure of sex in any way. So, I would stick my penis into the hole he had made, and nothing would happen, except that my erection would throb. Actually, one time as I did that, some clear, sticky fluid came out the end, which we decided was probably some of the sperm "coming out".

But by the time we were 14, we were ploughing through puberty, and we had still not learned to masturbate. We hadn't even heard of it, since masturbation is a very taboo topic in the city that we live in. I had measured my penis and it was now just under 6 inches (since then it has grown about half an inch and I imagine it will stop there). We often had wet dreams, often even on the same night, and we would discuss them the next morning.

One weekend, we went to our grandparents' house to stay while our parents were out of town, our younger brother coming along. Our cousin, who was about 17 at the time lived around the corner from our grandparents' house with his mother. Me and my twin brother often hung out with this cousin, and this was no exception. We started out our weekend just hanging out with him, playing computer games and chasing each other around the neighborhood with a few of his friends.

When we showered that night, we showered together, which we hadn't actually done since about a year and a half earlier because it had become strange. However, our grandmother told us to shower together to conserve water, since we were in a drought and she was a serious conservationist. We washed ourselves, and both got erections as we cleaned under our foreskins. It probably would have progressed further, but no sooner had we finished washing ourselves than our grandmother was knocking on the door telling us to hurry up so that we didn't waste water. We both got out and dried off, then went to bed. We didn't talk as usual because the walls were thin and our grandparents were already in bed as well.

In the morning, we decided to go for a hike in the mountains about a mile from our grandparents' house with our cousin, and our little brother decided to tag along. He drove us up there, and we began hiking. We stopped our hike on a grassy slope about halfway through our hike. We began to eat lunch and talk. Our cousin brought up the topic of sex and asked us about some of the things we had done. Since our family was not particularly religious as the rest of the city seemed to be, it wasn't as uncomfortable talking about these things as it would be with someone outside the family.

As our discussion progressed, our cousin was surprised to learn how little we had learned or been taught about sex, although we ended up knowing a lot more than our 11 year old brother who hadn't gone through "maturation program" yet. We began to ask our cousin questions, and although he had not had too much experience yet at the age of 17, he was able to describe sex and some of the other sexual things to us. The whole sex act became so much clearer to us that day.

Next, he asked us about masturbation, which none of us had even heard of. He seemed flabbergasted, but he also seemed eager to teach us. With the bulge in his pants glaringly obvious, he said to us, "How about I teach all three of you to jack off, one at a time. First, though, you'll have to do me." We were confused, but agreed all the same. We walked a little ways off the trail up to the other side of the slope, and layed our blanket down again.

He stripped down to his boxer-briefs and began to massage himself through them. He laid down on the blanket and pulled down his boxer-briefs. He then told my brother to take hold of penis, while I began rubbing his slightly hairy chest, and my younger brother began to massage his balls. My brother began the stroking of his foreskin up and down slowly. He instructed us all exactly what to do, and his cock began running precum. By the way, his penis was about an inch longer than both of ours.

In about twenty minutes, he started breathing heavier, and he instructed us to rotate places, and then instructed each of us to go faster. I was now stroking his penis, and the precum began running out in large volumes, which made slurping noises as I stroked. He began to moan. Suddenly, his precum began to turn cloudy, and he informed us that he was about to shoot semen, or sperm. His large cock head began to swell and turn a darker shade of purple, and then semen shot out the end of his cock, hitting my younger brother, who was on chest duty, on the nose. Much of the rest, which there were several more large ropes, landed on his chest or on my hand. During this whole process, he had been groaning and gasping, which peaked all of our interests as he was obviously intensely enjoying this all.

After he was finished shooting, he yelled at us all to stop, and then just sat there panting for a few minutes. After what seemed an hour, he sat up and told us it was our turn. He said he would start with the youngest first, and instructed my brother to strip. He eagerly did so, and his 4 inch 11 year old penis was totally erect when he was finished. Then my cousin began his slow stroking of my younger brother's small cock from behind my brother, my brother still standing up. My brother began to become very relaxed, and began to sigh a lot, his eyes shut tight, a slight smile on his face. After about 10 minutes, he began to shake, and told my cousin that he felt strange, almost like he needed to piss. My cousin told him to be quiet and that that was supposed to happen. About a minute later, my brother let out a loud gasp and began to shudder as his small penis began to convulse. Nothing came out, however, as my brother had not visibly entered puberty yet.

The convulsions went on for what seemed like forever, but my cousin finally stopped when they seemed like they would never end, and he waited for my brother to come back to earth. My brother told us it had felt amazing, like nothing he had felt before, and that it tickled.

Next was my turn. I stripped, and I had a very firm hard-on, precum beginning to run out of the end of mine. My cousin got behind me and started stroking my foreskin back and forth very slowly. I immediately noticed how good it felt. As he kept going, speeding up little by little, the feelings increased exponentially. I could feel that my precum was running out in as large of volumes as it had for my cousin, and my cock was nice and lubricated. He kept increasing speed, and I kept putting out more and more precum, and my foreskin made louder and louder slurping noises. I felt the muscles in my body begin to tense up, especially the ones in my groin, and I felt amazingly good, almost so good that I was in a different dimension. Finally, the pleasure became so intense that I let out a little scream, and then I felt my penis swell up and begin to convulse. I remember feeling the semen slowly move through my penis until it was shot out into the air. The convulsions seemed to go on forever, and when I was finished, I collapsed onto the blanket. The grass in front of me was covered with globs of fresh semen. I sat there and panted, not saying a word. Then, my cousin left me and began work on my brother. 5 minutes into my brother's ecstasy, I got another hard-on and began stroking it how my cousin had taught me. It didn't feel quite as good, but it still felt incredible. I shot another load of semen about the same time as my brother.

That night, when we got back, we got in the shower, again together. All three of us began to play with each other. This continued when we got into bed, and we all had orgasms almost as good as our first.

Since then, we have done it multiple times with that same cousin, with friends staying the night, and one time we even caught our father and uncle doing it together when they thought they were alone, and joined in. Those, however, are stories for another day.