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Female Masturbation

I was stopping at the Sis-in-Law's last year whilst our house was re-wired. I have a high sex drive, and the wife was not letting me get a share in case the Sis-in-Law heard. So, I took to using the shower as a way to get some relief. One morning, I was in there working up a lather, when I heard the door go. I presumed that it was my wife, and carried on. Later, though, I was in the kitchen when the Sis-in-Law came in and asked me, in front of the wife, "Does Jim always wash his dick that hard?"

My wife quipped, "Washing it? Bloody wanking more like!"

Sis-in-Law replied, "Yeh, that's what I thought. Mind, he turned round too quickly and I just hope that he finished himself because he can't go to work all frustrated."

My wife just winked at her sis and said, "How can we tell?"

Pt 2 to follow.