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I've always fantasized about cumming in my own mouth and swallowing my own load but like many have written here, once I cum, I lose all desire.

After years of this fantasy, I've finally figured out how to accomplish my goal.

After a good jack off session, I shoot my load into a plastic baggie. Once done, I tip the baggie diagonally until my semen collects in one corner. I then tie that corner off with a not and put it into a glass of hot water.

Then I sit at my computer and watch some nice videos or read stories right here on Solo Touch and start jacking off again.

Usually, within 30 minutes, the desire returns. I pull the baggie of my semen out of the water and put the knotted corner in my mouth, while I continue to stroke myself.

Just before I'm ready to cum again, I suck hard on the baggie until it pops in my mouth. Once that desire returns, I really enjoy the taste and feel of my own cum as I swallow it down, usually cumming again at that point.

If you share this fantasy, give it a try. It works. The trick is to get past that loss of desire right after cumming in the baggie. Fight through that urge to just throw it away (I've done that many times). Once you have got used to it, you'll do it many times.


its good to look into a full length mirror and see yourself cum
that way you know what she sees ,
Also dancing naked w a hard on makes you more hornier...mmmsee the semen ejaculate!!!! hahahaha...if yur into that

I took a different route.

I realised I might be able to suck myself off after seeing a picture of someone doing an exercise... it wasn't porny and it was actually a girl but I realised, in that position, my cock might be near enough...

... it wasn't. Well, I tried several times and I *could* get the end in my mouth but it was such a strain on my back by then that I couldn't start to enjoy it. Also during this time when wanking off normally I'd taken to tasting my pre-cum, to prepare myself for the taste of what was, I thought, inevitable, if I ever did get my cock in my mouth.

I relaxed a bit and now, of course, my cock was out of range but I realised it was still right above my face. So I wanked off and caught it. And of course it tasted quite different to pre-cum!

After a few tries I gave up trying. I did try keeping my cum in a pot. But it didn't occur to me to go back half an hour later like the poster, I went back teh next day and of course it had de-natured, and even when horny I couldn't brign myself to try it.

I eventually found a better route, however. Which is to suck other guys off. I'm happy to play with women most of the time but occasionally I meet up with a few guys for mutual blow jobs and wanking sessions with quality porn.

Getting over the loss of desire

I have tried it sober and imediately after cumming I have to run to the bathroom and clean up, but when I have a few drinks before JO, I really don't give a shit about cumming all over my face and hair and swallowing all I can get in my mouth while cumming.

it works

Hey I gave it a try and it worked. I really love the taste.

me too it taste kinda salty

me too it taste kinda salty

Cum blower would you like to

Cum blower would you like to chat

swallowing my own cum

I was reading all the stories about cuming in your mouth and how good it feels.

i was at physical therapy one afternoon doing my routine work out with my legs up on the ball arcing my back to work my core muscles when I got real horny and wanted to cum in my mouth. I had had this fantasy a few times but was not sure how I was going to accomplish this, when I thought of it.

I went home and laid on my back against the wall. getting closer to the wall getting my legs higher so I could push off the wall so that I'm pretty much on my shoulders at this point. My cock is only a few inches from my mouth.

Jerking my cock till I cum I can shoot the velvety smooth treat into my mouth.

Once you cum in your mouth once you will certainly be back for more, it feels good so velvety and smooth.


I have never really swallowed my own cum, although I have tasted it and I loved it. I'm not gay but I'm always down to try something new! I tried both of thes (you know the one with the baggie and this one) and to tell the truth I like this one WAY better!

Ive always kind of wanted to

Ive always kind of wanted to try, got any advice for it?

Swallowing My Own Cum

After a very relaxing massage today I was treated to a hand job by the naked masseuse. Feeling rather horny I asked if she would give me a real treat. Bending my legs over my head she continued to wank my cock slowly only inches from my face. At that final moment when you could possibly change your mind and stop, it was all out of my hands. She continued stroking my hard cock and pumped jets of spunk into my open mouth. It felt fabulous having somebody else wank my cock into my mouth. Really turned on, I shot more than usual but swallowed every last drop. If you want to cum in your own mouth give it a try it feels so good. I'll be back for more.

Other ideas you can

Other ideas you can try

Masturbate your girl with the head of your cock. You are essentially beating off and getting her off too. When you cum, keep rubbing on her and cum on her pussy lips, then dive in and clean her up.

Titty fucks are great, when you are having sex, finish off with a nice titty fuck and clean her up and snowball what you lick off her tits with her.

One of Dori's favorites was to drizzle chocolate, raspberry or strawberry desert toppings - or a mix of them -on each other and lick each other clean. She would suck me off and then when I came, take a mouthful of the desert topping and snowball me with the mixture. Or I would fuck her and then cover her pussy with the topping and eat her out and share a mouthful of that with her.

Dori also liked facials, and would masturbate while I jerked off on her face, and then I would lick my cum off her face while she was masturbating. Dori would have me eat her out and then lick her juices off my face as well.

Now that I think about this, I wonder why we ever broke up?!

its so cool

its so cool im fexible enough to suck my own cock. i dont need a baggie

it really works

Hi, after i read your story i decided do give it a try and i have to say it works and felt amazing. although never really had a problem with losing an interest swallowing my cream after cumming, this was different. thanx for a good tip ! ! !
now try this:
make a little hole in the baggie and while you jacking off have it in your mouth slowly sucking ont the baggie and tasting your cum from the beginning. thats great too... :)

nice tip

I'll give that a try with the baggies.

One of my old girlfriends really liked to suck me off and than French kiss to snowball my cum with her. And she liked to have me eat her pussy after I'd fucked her to get her off again and clean her up. It's weird, but that made me develop a taste for my own cum. I tend to eat my cum about half the time I masturbate.

I'll masturbate and kick my legs and cock up over my face and finish myself off, cumming over my own face. I usually get most in my mouth, but sometimes I get a bunch in my hair as well. I also like my precum, and lick it off my fingers when I am masturbating.

I'm jealous of the poster who can suck himself off!

what was it like snowballing

what was it like snowballing ur cum with your gf? i've been curious about it don't know if mine would like it tho

If your girl likes cum, it

If your girl likes cum, it shouldn't be a big deal.

I was the one who didn't want to at first, but when I realized how much she, Dori, got off on the act, masturbating and getting off big time while we did it, I could hardly refuse. Especially when Dori did so much to take care of me.

I remember the first time we did it she took me by surprise. I had kissed her after cumming in her mouth before, but she had never had a mouthful still. So, when Dori moved up to kiss me, it wasn't a big deal, until she shoved her tongue in my mouth along with a mouthful of my cum. She held my face in place and I ended up with a big swallow of my own stuff. My initial reaction was to get a bit mad, but she was laughing at me so hard I got over it fast.

We talked about it and she told me it was a fantasy she wanted to do, share cum with her lover. So, I kept doing it since she liked it so much, and I learned to like it too. The first time I went down on Dori after cumming in her pussy was great. Dori climbed off me and sat on my face we did a 69 to clean me up too. When she got off, she ground on my mouth and chin and dripped her juices all over me. It was one of the hottest things we ever did.

Talk to your girlfriend, I bet she would be happy to try!

thanks i'll have to do that!

thanks i'll have to do that! you have any other good ideas?