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I have read several stories recently here about mothers with growing sons who masturbate. I suppose I am no different, but don't really know how to handle the situation.

I am a single mother aged 38 and my son is 16. My story goes back around two years ago when I first noticed yellow cum stains on his white linen sheets. I grew up with a brother who did the same thing, so I know what causes it. I thought that to be perfectly normal as I presume all growing boys discover masturbation from talking to other boys at school.

One day when I was airing out his mattress while at school, I noticed a cache of porn magazines under his mattress. I haven't said anything to him about it and doubt whether I will. I would hate to embarrass him into thinking sex is a dirty word.

Like all teenagers, they don't make their beds very well, if at all, so while changing his linen regularly, I have a peek under the mattress as well. Apart from finding magazines, I have also found several pairs of panties, some of which are mine, as well as two bras. This got me to wondering a bit and before doing the wash, I have checked out to see it any of my underwear has been disturbed. Regretfully, some of my underwear has cum stains on them. How in the heck do I tell him to stop?

We live by the ocean and often go to the beach together. We also have a small pool in our backyard which we use in the hot summer evenings. In the past year and recently, my son has been staring at me more and more as he is tending to notice my figure. I am a size 34B and have more than a reasonable figure for my age, something that I am quite proud of. Surely he couldn't be thinking of me in a sexual way?

One weekend I had been out most of the time and I come home unbeknown to him. I looked out the back bedroom window only to find him naked on the cabana lounge, stroking himself. I couldn't believe it and as if entranced, found myself just staring at him until he came. In summer I wear a lot of bikinis or just bikini panties and a top without a bra around the house as it is so much more comfortable.

At the start of summer a couple of months ago, I decided on having a day out at the beach as he just loves the beach. I packed all the stuff, food, drink, sun screen, towels, the lot and my son took his surf board of course. I never told him at the time we were going to go to a nude beach around two hours drive away. I was thinking if he was interested in female bodies, what better place would there be than a nude beach. He could have a good look and sate his curiosity, rather than look at glossy magazines.

We arrived there and walked some distance to the beach. The first thing Edward (not his real name) said was "Look mum, they have no clothes on." I smiled at him and said, no they don't. Let's go down as there is a good surf for you. Edward asked me if I was going to take off my clothes too. I replied, of course, and I expect you will too. I found a lovely spot and dropped all the gear, set up the umbrella and laid down the towels on the banana lounges. I started taking off my clothes and Edward was watching me. He seemed to be a little embarrassed, but kept watching me undress. I lay down on the seat and asked when he was going to take off his clothes?

Edward then asked me what if something happens? I said, "What do you mean?" He said what happens if I go hard down there. I told him all males do that at times and it's no big deal. Just go into the water until it goes down. Reluctantly, he started to disrobe until he was completely naked. I told him to put on some sunscreen so he didn't get burnt, especially on his penis. He turned away from me and put sunscreen all over himself except his back, where I helped him do that. When he turned around, he had a fair sized hardon. I was almost shocked as I was much closer now than when I saw him masturbating by the pool. His penis was around six inches long, same as his dad's but nowhere near as thick. He had an ample amount of pubic hair and was developing into a real man.

I suggested to Edward that we go into the surf so everyone doesn't see his erection, so he followed me in. He was looking at my breasts and even passed a comment about me being 'not too bad looking'. We spent around 15 minutes in the water and his erection wouldn't go down and he was a bit concerned about going back to the shore with a hardon. I asked if he ever masturbated, knowing perfectly well that he did, and he said yes. We waded a little deeper into the water and suggested he relieve himself, then his erection would go away. Edward did this and I kept bobbing above and below the waterline to keep myself moist and away from the harsh sun. I was entranced under the water to see him stroke himself off. He soon came in about two minutes with 5 or 6 squirts of white cum which coiled up in the water. That was the first time I had seen a male cum under water and it was really fascinating.

We had a great day there before going home. We showered together at the beach, before getting dried and dressed. Edward thanked me for the best day ever and has wanted to go back again some time. A couple of days after the nude beach venture, he was having a shower after getting out the pool, before having dinner. He casually strolled into the kitchen as naked as a jaybird. I told him to put his clothes on and he remarked that we both showered naked together at the beach. I replied that, yes, it was at the beach and not at home. I have made those rules clear to him, but how do I stop the masturbation into my clothing?


Well I really believe that you and your son both have a great relationship, and since you both have done a lott of things which an average mother and son wouldn't do....i think you could talk to him about it. I think that telling him that you know what he does and wanting him to stop will make him stop. And continue to be open with him and make him comfortable so that he wouldn't feel the need to take your panties and relieve himself. The more open you are, the more educated and comfortable he'll be.
Oh and hot story by the way...I'm a teen and have raging hormones also lol.

I wouldn't worry

I wouldn't worry too much- it's probably just a phase he's going through: Turned on by the female form but doen't have a girlfriend of his own to fantasize about.

Has the situation gotten any better since? Did shooting his cum in the water cure him of the erection for the rest of the day on the nude beach? How did he react to the other nude women?

My Son

I have read the comments of 4-5 people in regards Tracey's dilemma about her son. For what it’s worth, I would like to submit a woman's view on the matter.

As a mother of 2, a teenage boy and girl, I have had experience in such matters. You must firstly lay down the law that your son should never masturbate into your underwear. Not only is it unhealthy, but it is a violation of your privacy as well; not to mention the expense of replacing such items. Bras and panties are not cheap these days.

Having said that, I have always been open with my children, discuss with them any matters that may arise and I am always approachable. I have taught my children to be proud of their bodies and not to be hung up about sex or other personal matters.

I have openly talked to my 15 year old daughter about sex, contraception, puberty, masturbation and I know that she does it in the privacy of her own room. It is obvious that my 18 year old son masturbates, but once again, is totally acceptable in privacy.

Living in Sydney can be mighty hot at night and we usually sleep naked and occasionally one of us will walk naked to the bathroom for a shower in the morning or at night. There is no shame in a naked body. Tracey, you should walk around the house fully naked as you are proud of your body. You have mentioned that your son has seen you naked at the nude beach and showered naked with you. I presume it was at the nude beach where he showered naked with you and not at home. By doing that, your son will lose that "mystique" of your body, from walking around in bra and panties. Once having seen you naked, he will lose interest to some degree.

Talk to your son about his masturbation, tell him there is nothing wrong in doing it. Hey, you even asked him at the beach to do it, while in the water. If wearing female panties is a fetish thing, take him shopping one day and buy him some panties of his own. I see my son with occasional erections, but only at a glance. Don't linger with your looking at him and don't pass any comments either. Just let nature take its course.

I hope these comments have been of some help to you. Good luck.

No addiction

Im a younger dude and I can't see what the big deal with panties is. Sure the panties are close to the female and there area but its underwear. I would maybe just by a pair, tell him that they were worn, and give them to him.

panty addiction!

I would just like to say that I myself use to take my mothers panties and bras also when I was young. Now 37, I have a fetish for womans panties and numerous other garments. My mother did catch me one time looking through her panty drawer. She yelled at me and just said "stay out of my drawer"! Through-out the years I have had my ups and downs with womans undergarments. Do I still masterbate to them? yes! Has it effected my life in any other way, as in relationships...No. When I go out on a date do I mention this fetish to a lady...No! I tend to keep it within my closet, unless they too, have a fetish for panties and other niceties...
Hang in there. If you took him to a nude beach, then why not just by him a a pair of nice silk/lace for himself. I think he would be at ease knowing that you won't punish him for something he can't control. It has in no why changed my veiw of fact I'm jealous of you lady's because you get to wear such comfortable and luxurious materials without anyone thinking twice....