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Female Masturbation

I have a huge fetish for pornstars that have huge tits. Although I do like natural, I jerk off alot more to pornstars with really big fake boobs.

I was home alone this one night and decided to go to my room for a big wank session. I sat back on my bed with the laptop beside me and started looking at Summer Cummings - a pornstar with big fake tits and tight body. I flicked through the hundreds of photos I have of her. I looked at the softcore ones of her first and started stroking my cock through my shorts. This started turning me on big time so I took my shorts off and spread my legs. I decided to watch a few movies of her posing and feeling her tits which got me turned on ALOT.

I then started looking at her hardcore pics. She was getting fucked hard as I perved and wanked hard to her big gorgeous mounds. I started to leak some pre cum and spread it around my cock head. I then watched some hardcore movies of her - getting fucked hard with her tits bouncing everywhere. Watching her boobs bounce everywhere and hearing her moan was driving me crazy. I kept calling her name and pumping my big dick harder and faster.

I could feel my cum wanting to burst out of my cock whilst I looked at Summer's huge boobs. I couldn't take anymore. With my hand moving wild on my big shaft I moaned, yelled her name and how much I loved her boobies.....that was it.....

I arched my back and stuff my cock further in the air. My dick shot most of its load all over my chest. The first two shots blasted out and smacked me right in the face. I kept thrashing my cock as I heard Summer moan in the movie..her big titties still bouncing around. I just held my cock and milked the last bits of cum while I watched her enormous fake big boobs....


My name is danielle I have blonde hair and breast implants I was wondering if you wanted to chat alittle