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Female Masturbation

I went to my aunt's house the other day and know one was home so I sat and watched TV waiting for my cousin. I was sitting there feeling horny and I wondered if my aunt had any sexy panties in her room. SO I went in and seen some dirty panties on the floor. I picked them up and held them to my face. They smelled sooo good I was getting a hard on so I laid on her bed and began to stroke mt cock with her panties. I started slow then went fast and shot my huge load in her panties. I heard them come in the driveway so I put my pants on andd cleaned up. It was great.

Aunties panties

I love it!! I have been jacking off with and into my aunt's panties and bras ever since the age of a 12... When I was 15, I let her "accidentally catch" me, and it got her do damn horny that she stripped her clothes off right then and there, and we've been fucking and sucking each other ever since!!
She also has been my accomplice in stealing other women's dirty panties and bras, and we both have a lot of fun with that!!

step daughter's panties

I have 2 step daughters, one in high school and one at local community college. Their rooms are always a mess (no problem with that) with dirty clothes and dirty panties and thongs on the floor all the time - most of the time where they've taken them off with their shorts or jeans at the same time. I love to pull those dirty panties out from the dirty jeans and shorts and huff deeply and chew on them while I jack my lubed cock in their rooms, especially the fresh thongs! They HAVE to know I do that, 'cause I've gotten to the point where I just leave them soaked in cum and waded up, knowing THEY know makes it even better! They absolutely know I jack my cock all the time, they've caught me at it enough! (on purpose, actually). Now to let them catch me with their underwear on my face!

Sniffing panties

I can't claim to have ever sniffed any of my Aunt's panties, but one time when I was about 14, I was visiting a female cousin in CA. She and my parents went out shopping and left me alone to watch some TV. This was a couple years before we had a TV set at home. Being a nosy horny teenager, I snooped around in her bedroom and found her underwear drawer. There weren't any used panties around that I could find, but I looked thru her clean panties and bras. Just that was really something for a guy growing up with no sisters in the house.
Several years later, I went skinny dipping with a girlfriend, and we took our clothes off in the car before going into the water. She had to go take a piss and instead of doing it in the lake, she opted to squat beside a bush near the car. While she was doing that, I picked up her panties she had just taken off and checked out the crotch area. While doing that, she suddenly appeared back at the car and saw me doing it. I thought I was really busted, but she asked me if I enjoyed doing that and I said, I didn't know, I'd never done it before, but they did smell good. She said to keep them and we went on in for our swim. I can't for the life of me remember what I did with those panties.

Panty Masturbation

I had a boyfriend once who would like me to get his sister's soiled panties from the laundry hamper, wrap them around his cock and masturbate him. He LOVED shooting his cum on the crotch, so just as he was about to cum I'd spread out the panties so he could do just that.

Funny, he never wanted me to use my panties on him. Although he did like to watch me masturbate through the fabric of my panties as he stroked his cock, and he'd shoot his cum on the front area.

me three

i sometimes go over to my cousins house and his girlfriend is hott as hell. so ill wait till she getts in or out of the shower and walk in and talk her panties. o my god its amazin. i finaly told her about a week ago and now she calls me in there to watch her get undressed on she gives me her clothes to me and i stroke it but usaly she strokes me!

me too

I always loved going to my Aunts home and playing upstairs. I usually ended up going into her room and getting her dirty panties out and smelling them. One day I must have gotten there shortly after she had taken them off. The crotch was wet and smelled ohhh sooo good. I smelled them and sucked on the crotch as I jerked off. Just as I cum, she called up to me to come down for lunck. I was glad she didn't call me sooner or she would have caught me with a hardon.

sisters panties

I remember I(14) was at my house I was watching tv. I was home alone. For some reason I was so horny. And I know my sister (10) had some dirty panties in her room. So I went upstairs I say dirty panties on the floor. So I put it around my dick and started stroking my dick up and down with her panties. As I continued I started to stoke faster and faster. My dick against her pussy stains. I jerked off for 10 minutes. I jerked off to her panties was amazing!

I Agree!!!

whenever i go to my aunt's house i always go through her thong drawer and she has hundreds of different thongs and theyre all so sexy!!! she ALWAYS has some dirty thongs all over the floor and i love picking them up, wraping them around my cock and masturbate forever! i love doing it when shes home because it makes me hornier....she knows what i do and once she asked me how often i jerked off! one day after she got out of the shower, she called me into her room because i had gotten some other thongs for her and she noticed, and thats how she found out about my jerking off to her!!!