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I am 32 and have a gorgeous body, if I must say. I have great breasts, a great ass, and beautiful legs. I married into a family. My husband had a son, I bacame his mother when he was 12 years old. We always had a great relationship and we always had fun. I never thought there was much sexual tension between us at all. He would try to catch me dressing in my room alot and he would sometimes see me wearing a bra or panties, but only for a few seconds at a time.
When he turned 16, me and him ended up being home alone alot because his father would fly for his job. So we would go on as usual, but my son would get extra "horny", lets call it that, and he would get close to me and try to get his hands on my breasts and ass. One night we were watching a movie and I was wearing a sweatshirt and a pair of pajama pants. We were laying on the couch and he started to rub my back, then my ass, then he reached in between my legs. He didnt reach far but i could tell he wanted to. I flinched and he pulled his hand up to my ass cheek again. He stopped there. A couple weeks later, I was taking a shower, and he asked to come in. I put on a towel and told him to come in. He came in to talk about something and a few minutes later my towel fell down. I rushed to pick it up, and he was saying stuff like "Oh nice, just keep it off". I laughed and ignored the comment. I told him to go out until I got dressed. A couple of weeks after that I found that my undies drawer had been tampered with. I searched to see if they were all there and then I found one missing, a small, tiny, black thong that barely covers the edge of my vagina. I found it in his room but didnt say anything to him about it. Then one day I was feeling kinda horny myself so I figured I would mess with him a little. He had really wanted this cell phone but he couldnt afford it, so I told him if he did some things, I would get him the phone. The first was to give my black thong back. He was shocked that I knew, and he got really embarrased. He got it for me, and when he handed it over, I could see a bulge in his pants. The next thing I had him do was run around the outside of the house naked, for all the neighbors to see. I wanted to see how badly he wanted that phone. He was reluctant but eventually he got undressed to his boxers. I reminded him that he must be nude for it to count. Still, he wouldnt take them off. So I playfully told him that if he took them off, I would get naked too, just to make him feel more comfortable. He yanked those off so fast, and he had a raging hard on. He stood there waiting for me to get naked, and at that moment I decided to do it. I took of everything but my bra and panties. I told him to take them off for me, just to tset him some more. He didnt wait a second, he ran over and slowly unlacted my bra. He pulled it off and went for the panties. He pulled those down so slowly, it felt kindof romantic. He was very gentle. So now we are both naked and he is staring me up and down. I force him to run around the house and he does. When he gets back inside, his penis is soooooooo hard it kind of tuned me on. I was starting to tingle and I really wanted to orgasm. I was going to excuse myself but then had an idea. I told him his final challenge was to masturbate. He looked so shocked. He didnt grab his cock, so I grabbed his hand and put it on his cock. He asked me if I was serious and I told him of course. I began to tell him how I knew what he had been trying to do for months. I told him how I knew he watched me get dressed and I told him how I knew he tryed to touch me.

Im going to go into a tangent story for a second. One day while we were alone, I was drinking wine, and I was staring to get really drunk. He took advantage of the situation and offered to give me a back rub. He layed me down and began taking of my sweater. He pulled that and my turtle neck off. Then as I laying down on my chest, he unhooked my bra. He started pulling my pajama pants down to. He massaged my back and it felt amazing, then he started reaching around to feel up my side boob. He then massaged my ass, which was fully naked by now, and he then redressed me. This memory is so vivid to me still, even though I was quite out of it. He didnt do anything to extreme, he just massaged. He didnt even tough my pussy,tits, or gouch. He was about 14 the. It was a weird feeling for me and I am still a weirded out about that night, but back to the original story...

We were both naked and I told him to masturbate. I told him about how I knew what he was trying to do all these years, and I reminded him of the night with the "massage". He seemed really embarresed. I told him that he should show me how he masturbates to make up for taking advantage of me. He began to stroke it a little but stopped and said that he was srry for taking advantage of me. I accepted the apology and he continued to stroke. It didnt take him more than 30 seconds to blow cum all over y fett and legs. He was tored and he sat down on an armchair. I was feeling kinda bad for making him do that and also I was really horny now. I told him to get out of the chair because I was going to give him a show. I sat down and began to masturbate. I rubbed my clitoris and stuck two fingers in deep. He began to stroke himself again. I cummed within a minute and he sprayed me right after. He sat down on the chair next to me and mumbled about how that was the best show he ever saw. I laughed and flicked his cock. He pinched my nipple, so I flicked him again. He poked my in my croch and this turned into a tickling fight. He began tickling my feet and kept one hand out close to my vagina so that he could "bumb" it once in a while. We finished our fight and then we both curled up and watched the last part of a movie on TV. We fell asleep, a naked pile, his penis fully erect(sort of), and we woke up naked together. There was a huge tension between us the next morning, and neither one of us talked for a while. He left to go to a friends house, and on his way out he piched by butt. Im wondering if there will always be the tension between us now. Also should I let him touch me sometimes, because I kindof enjoyed it. Should I have not had that night with him. Should I be regretting it. Help me understand what to do. Answer quick because I might do something stupid, or wonderful. Maybe I should go up to his room right now fully naked and clime into bed with him for a "massage". But really what should I do??

friends mom

I've had a big crush on my friends mom for a really long time what should I do email me at thanks and the story was great

FUCK HIM!!! And please tell

FUCK HIM!!! And please tell us about it. I would love to fuck your step son ;]

Mine ?

fuck him please and tell us

fuck him please and tell us about it


wow that should have been a great exsperiance. did it happen again?

not wrong...

An open relationship is a good relationship... as long as you're not having sex with him, it's okay... it will help him be open with you... just make sure he knows that it isn't a sexual relationship, only an open, understanding relationship...

i know im young...

im only 17 but my advice is dependant on what you want to be to him. If you wanna be his mother then you should probably stop because it could get wierd. But i've always liked having a younger person/friend there to talk too sometimes and perhaps the idea of having already seen each other naked will open him up to you. thats my advice :P

and that was a hot story ;]


if you enjoy being sexually open to your son then go for it, i consider anything thats not penetration okay just as long as you both know your just fooling around and its not a legitimate sexual relationship.

and yes that was a hot story...


you should masturbate somemore so you can calm down. you should cum again and leave him alone. I wish I was there to should your my big hard black cock.