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On Saturday night while staying at a hotel in Washington state by Seattle I went to the pool. I soaked in the hot tub for a while and then went to the sauna and I knew I wanted to masturbate so I pulled my hard eight inch dick out and slowly started to stroke it. I just got done shaving my dick before I went to the hot tub, so I was very horny, it felt good to play with myself.

I wanted to do something very daring so I opened the door and walked out of the pool area. I went to the stairs and since I had a room on the third floor of three I stopped just in the entry of the stairs and pulled off my shorts and was completely naked but I went up the stairs one flight and then went up half way to the third floor the whole way I was stroking my now very swollen dick.

I stopped and sat down naked and in full view if anyone walked in the stairs. I masturbated for over 10 min with the knowledge I could get caught any minute. Soon I felt my climax build and I shot the first of five hard ropes of cum all over the steps, the carpet was wet with my cum it was so hot and I knew I was going to do it again.

Since I will be staying here for three more weeks I have a feeling I will do it often.

Hope to see you here.

Hotel balcony

I stayed in a hotel on a cliff overlooking a small town in the Mediterranean cove below.

I was unable to sleep one night so about 2am I went and sat on the chair on the balcony. The light was off, I doubt anyone would've been able to see me even if they'd looked at the right balcony, but if anyone in that whole town looked up at the right moment, I hope they like watching guys wank.

I'm a 36 year old blonde

I'm a 36 year old blonde with 34C tits......the first thing i want to do when traveling on business is get to the hotel room so I can get myself off! I love to leave the curtains open and the lights on (at night time) in case anyone wants to see me enjoying myself....nothing makes me cum harder than thinking someone is watching me......


I have to agree with you. I look at hotels as places to sleep, fuck, and masturbate. Not always in that order.

Being caught masturbating

Sam. Are you male or female?

hotel masturbation

I've done that a few times myself. It's a real turn on for me! I especially love to masturbate in my hotel room with the curtains and/or door open. I enjoy being seen or caught masturbating
sometimes. When possible, i get a room over looking the pool so i can watch the women swimming and/or sunbathing. I will stand by the open window or doorway with a hand full of baby oil wrapped around my hard cock and stroke it until i'm seen or cant hold back the cum any longer.