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i have just recently come back off my holidays my parents have neber seen me naked in a while but they always just walk round naked and stuff soo enyways...
i decided it would be realy raunchy and naughty if one night when my parent were drunk i would sleep with no clothes on and 'accidently'expose my tits and pussy and see if i could catch one of my parents masturbating to the look of my tight pussy and perk little nipples and tits.. but i fell asleep but i woke up to go to the toilet in the night when i seen something moving so i lay down and tried to figure out what it was and i realised it was my dad masturbating rubbing his huge thick dick i was soo wet after that knowing he was getting off because of me im going to try to get him to ride me next time i could just imagine his huge thick dick filling my virgin tight pussy hole and his massive balls slapping off my bare skin and i had the best orgasm ever as i hoysted 3 fingers up my tight wet pussy... love .... and happy masturbating ....
if you wannt to talk reply and we can cyber or something...x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x


Really Hot story. Really Really hot. I would love to do something.