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Female Masturbation

I share a room with my two brothers ( one is my twin, we are 17; the other is my 12 year old brother. As you could imagine, there isn't much privacy As teenage guys, my twin and I obviously jack off and we have since we were about 11. We have no problem masturbating in front of each other but we try really hard to keep it away from our little bro till he is ready. Well, one time, he walked in on us stroking our dicks (we are both about 7.25 inches hard)and was really curious. He wasn't shocked by our more mature bodies because he has seen us naked before and we told him before that he would get hair and muscles and that his dick would get bigger. The problem was, we were at the point of no return and shot our loads all over our abs. He was old enough to know what we were doing but didnt know how to masturbate yet. He left and didnt mention it for a few days but soon he started asking questions like "How do I do that?, What does it feel like?, Why do you do it?". We tried to explain it to him but he didn't really understand. We thought he would figure it out for himself but he was pretty physically mature for his age (he had a full bush and some other hair and his dick was starting to grow , probably about 5.5 inches hard). By that stage, my twin and I were masturbating for a year. After about a week of his confusion and questions, we decided to show him because we didnt know what else to do. Basically, we went into our room and got naked and intrsucted him to do so as well. My brother and I first demonstarted and masturbated in front of our little bro. We explained what we were doing as we went and tried to show him a variety of techniques and we moaned and touched our bodies (all the stuff that we normally do that turns us on) and jerked our dicks until we cummed. We explained that he would not be bale to shoot his cum so far and powerfully but would eventually. We told him what cum was and that you ejaculate when you masturbate. Next, it was his turn, we cheered him on then left the room. We gave him a Playboy to get hard with. We came back in when we heard what was obviously an orgasmic moan. To our disbelief, we found him smiling with a gooey surprise all over his abs, face and even the wall behind him. He must really have been ready! He thanked us and said how amazing it felt. Ever since, we all masturbate openly in our room and jokingly cheer each other on!

god, i want a twin to jack

god, i want a twin to jack off with...