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Male Masturbation

Soldier in Iraq... loooonnnggg time alone

So yeah im 20, ive been deployed over seas in Iraq for roughly 11 months? I started masturbating sence i was about... 13 id say, experimenting with this and that. at 18 i got my frist toy, the uhh fleshlight? was good but hiding it from room inspections was hard sence it was so huge... so i had to get rid of it when we deployed :( sad times... hand... overused lol
well then i got two new toys, both sleeves with ticklers and holy crap they are awsome, ever sence ive started id say i masturbate at least 2ce a day on average... depending on time and how im fealing sometimes i do it like 5times a day in the states when i had time on my hands :P lol... but while im deployed i see i can only do it 2ce a day... if that... i always do it once befor i go to sleep, awsome stress remover lol. does anyone else do it this much? am i weird or somthing? :P

yeah bro!! like 5 a day here

yeah bro!! like 5 a day here too


Wow! great story! I love jerkin off 2-5 times a day. i am 16 so I can't get a fleshlight :( I really want one though!! Keep up the good work out there!