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I would like to share some experiences I had while living at home with my mother that carried on for a few years.

I can recall having sexual feelings from a young age, however they did not intensify until my mid teens. It wasn't until I began high school that I started masturbating when getting these feelings, however I noticed that something different was happening to me. While I was having sexual thoughts I started feeling quite hot between my legs, and when I went to the toliet shorlty afterwards, I saw a creamy/clear liquid on my panites. This would happen to me most days of the week, which sometimes resulted in me squeezing my thighs together as the gooeiness built up.. I enjoyed doing this and usually I could feel my panties gliding around from the wetness when I moved in my seat.

My mother has always been the one do to the laundry around the house, and it wasn't until my mid teens that I began to notice things she started doing. Whenever she was doing the washing, I noticed that she would stop with my panties, and have a look, and it occurred to me that it wasn't until I began getting wet that she started doing this. I'm not trying to spy on her or anything, though somedays she would feel the gooey part of me panties with her fingers, followed by holding them to her nose and smelling. She would repeat this a few times before putting them in the wash, and she would continue smelling her fingers afterwards.

My mother is a good mom, and I'm not mad at her for it, I'm just wondering if she is getting aroused from my panties. Please leave feeback on why you think this is happening, or share similar stories so that I know I dont just have a weird mom :)


sniff your mom's panties

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your mum is probable just curious as to know what her lovely daughter`s pussy juice smells like.lucky her i say!! i wouldn`t worry about it. Alan(solo) x


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