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Camping With Josh & Matt.................(Chris's Story)

In my previous story (While Mom Is Out..........Josh's Story)

I said i would share the story of us camping next week

Here It Is

Josh asked Me and Matt if we wanted to go camping next week since his mom was going on a business trip he wanted someone there with him so that he wouldnt be alone. Since Matt said yes i thought what the hell what harm could it do. We were getting the tent out of the shed and started to set it up. It got kinda sexual being close to them both with their hot bodies and i could not wait for tonight knowing what i planned to do with them.

We all brought our own things for our little party, Josh brought all the Blankets and Pillows, I Brought Food, And Matt Brought Drinks.

We all settled down in the tent anout 12:00 A.M. since it was getting late. Matt brought out hhis computer in the corner of the tent and started watching porn,..... I knew Matt wasnt gay but i always though of him and Josh fucking.. as it grew later i started to jerk off incouraging them to join me. They hesitated at first but they changed their minds soon... They both got naked and man were they hotttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!! Matt was slim with abs and a 8in cock no pubes but all shaved (which i loved) Josh on the other hand was smaller with a nice ass and a 6.6in cock..

To my suprise Matt got out this Huge Purple Dildo........ He wet it with some lube and started to slide it in his tight hole..... this now got me and Josh really hard.

josh asked Matt to use it on him, so before he could say anything else he took his hard dick and choved it all in josh's tight ass Josh screamed so loud from the pain but Matt covered his mouth then the screaming turned into loud moaning as the pace speeded up Matt then took it out and Said "Chris Now u come FUCK Him"" I thought Wow wont this be fun. so i go over and slide in my cock and moan from all the juicyness of his ass i was really woring on this ass but the Matt come up behind me and starts to slide his Big Cock in my ass I just let it in it hurt so bad but i was to busy fucking josh it didnt really seem to bother me.......

After about 10 minutes of fucking I felt a twitch from Matts dick in my ass the he moaned in my ear " Im gonna cum in that tight hole" as his Juicy Spunk leaked out of his prick slit in my ass.

AS Josh Heard that he Jerked his and he came all over the blankets and since he was done he didnt want me fucking him anymore

I thought this sucks But Matt said that he would suck me off till i came so i got Joyful again as he put his warm mouth around my Head going all the way down my shaft over and over again building the pleasure as i blew my wad all over his face and in his mouth He just moaned over and over again kissing my chest and abs

alll later that nigh we didnt even bother to get dressed we just slept with each other arms wrapped around one another nude in all of our man juices.

We decided to do this more Often since we were great friends now

Next week I will Share my next stories If you reply to continue my stories



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