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Just wanted to know how the rest of you learned to jack off and how your first time was.

My 15yo cousin taught me how when i was 8. He asked me if I wanted to watch him beat his meat. Not having a clue I said yes. We went into the bathroom where he pulled his pants down exposing his semi hard big boy cock.

It looked so big to an 8yo boy. He sat down and started slowly stroking his cock. seeing it grow to it's full length was so so exciting. He would talk to me asking if i liked seeing him beat his meat. All I could do was shake my head yes. My eyes and mind were frozen on his huge cock.

He started stroking his swollen cock faster and faster. His big balls bouncing off his ass. He was saying how good it felt and to watch his cock. There was no way I was taking my eyes off that sweet cock.

He started shooting his hot load from his beautiful cock. His balls drawn up and emptying their sweet load of pleasure. It was simply amazing to see.

That was the beginning for me. I stroked my little cock every night trying to make my little cock shoot a big hot load. It took two weeks but then it happened!! Fuck I thought I was in heaven. My little cock throbbing my little balls aching. I did not have any cum but it felt so so good. I did it three times that night until sore and exhausted.

My cock was so sore the next day but it did not stop me from jacking off more. I did it as many time a day as i could. I still continue to do it as much now as I can and I am 52.