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Home alone and playing with my ass!!!

This all happend about a couple of months or so ago, Im 18 and i live in the UK, Im quite slim, i have blue eyes and a dark brown mop of hair, but enough about me lets get on with the story!

I was home alone for some reason or another and my parents wouldnt be back until late and had taken my sister with them, it was about early afternoon and i was bored with the tv as there is nothing on on a saturday afternoon and so i decided to have a wank so i went to the bathroom and got naked as i really did not want a mess to clean up. So i sat down on the toilet and started to wank, i was getting into it when i saw a bottle of lotion on the cabinet thing in front of me and then remebered reading stories about men finding their prostate and exploding and i thought to myself "well nothing, ventured nothing gained", i got the bottle of lotion and poured a little onto my throbbing cock that was aching for some attention (i love that feeling!) and rubbed it in, I could've cum right there but i didnt i wanted to drag this out, then i squirted a little onto my fingers and moved them between my legs and gently rubbed it onto my asshole, then muttered to myself "well this is it" and gently pushed my middle finger inside and it felt suprisingly good, i was playing around for a bit and then before i knew it my middle finger was met by my first and the pleasure started to mount, i was fingering my self for a bit gently pushing in and out, in and out then i realised how i could have the ultimate experience.

I removed my fingers got up and walked across the hall to my bedroom with my cock bobbing up and down ready to burst and slimy, in my bedroom i found a pen that i got in my stocking a couple of xmas's ago, it vibrates and is supposed to make ur writting all squiggly (i think u all know where im going with this) i took it back to the bathroom sat on my porcelin throne and poured lotion onto my new toy my cock nearly came just thinking about it, then the moment came and i put it into my awaiting asswhole all the way up till the point where the motor is, i turned it on and the vibrations felt amazing, i tried to focus it on one spot but the pleasure was just to great and i ended up moving it in and out of my ass, wishing it was the real thing (im bi but no one knows), then the big moment came i got that familier feeling in my legs which shot u all the way to the base of my cock and i groaned and let rip as i shot cum two feet in front of me (which is good considering i had a wank earlier in the day), i finished and let out a sigh of relief and removed my now favorite toy and got cleaned up (so much for not wanting a mess to clean up) i got dressed and went to go make a snack as sometimes having a wank really takes it out of you ;)

Have fun and i hoped you enjoyed reading this as much i have had writing this, before i leave to go and use my favorite toy i just have to ask if there is anyone that masturbates with their left hand cos all of my mates us their right and im somwhat ambidexterous and its just nice to know! :)

im ambidextrous too! i

im ambidextrous too! i mainly use my right hand but sometimes my right hand is busy in my ass so i have to use my left!! lol