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Male Masturbation

I want you guys soooo bad, i wanna hear what you guys will do to me... i wanna know what you want...

What I would do

Hi horny_BABE_17,I would kiss your lips have my hands wonder over your hot body,undress you slowly,kiss you all over caressing your body.Go from kissing your neck then slide my hands down your body to your nice tits,feeling your hard nipples.I would kiss them flick my tongue over them,and move my hand down between your legs feeling the heat and wetness of your pussy,


would u let me titty fuck u?

that would be incredible! my nice warm cock throbbing in between ur amazing boobs inches away from ur mouth! and I would be feeling and squeezing and massaging ur boobs and rubbing ur nipples getting them nice and hard. I’d be rocking and thrusting back and forth on ur body pumping my cock in between ur amazing breasts! and then u feel my penis quiver and u look up at me and my face would contort and I’d scream I'm gonna cum! and then I shoot warm cum all over ur boobs and nipples and rub my hard penis against ur hard nipples! then I slowly go down and kiss ur neck and down ur chest and cleavage and then reach ur boobs and slowly teasingly lick off all my cum while sucking on ur nipples and boobs in the mean time! Then after they were nice and sensitive and u were feeling really good I’d continue down ur stomach until I got between ur legs…

I got much more where that came from!