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A few weeks ago I was extremely bored. I was home from college, no one was home, and I had just come home from a swimming pool with dripping wet hot guys. So one thing led to another and I ended up in my room alone watching some movie on HBO with a really hot guy. It was a hot summer afternoon so I started to strip down to a more comfortable attire.

There I was, laying on my bed, going braless in a tanktop with tight blue panties. As I watched this movie more I got really horny. To the point where the movie wasn't doing it for me anymore. I grabbed my laptop for some guy on guy porn. Just looking at the gay porn page of got my panties soaking wet.

I started to rub my clit faster and faster until I was almost at the point of a clitoral orgasm. I was pretty bored of clitoral orgasms so i ran to my parents bedroom to find one of my moms vibrators. I picked a long pink one that I had used a few times before.

Running back to my room i clicked on a video of two hot black guys rubbing each others cocks. With my naked shaved pussy dripping wet i started to slide my fingers in and out of my pussy until i was completely ready for that long pink vibrator to enter me. I turned it to its highest mode and started to slide it in and out of me.

The two black guys on my computer screen really started to get into it, and so did I. I was shoving that vibrator in me so fast i knew i was ready to cum. So to slow down the experience i took one hand off the vibrator and rubbed my rock hard nipples. But i couldnt last any longer; i put all of my energy towards my pussy. it only took about 10 seconds until i was squirting with all my force. I had never done this before. All i could say was... Best lonely summer afternoon ever!


that was so good

Guy on Guy

Funny, although I love watching bi porn (I am bi), 3somes, 4somes, I can't quite appreciate guy-on-guy videos. I like videos with two guys (black is good, they're usually extremely well hung) and a girl, and the guys can play around with each other, but it seems I need a female to be there. I need to get off as I masturbate watching the girl getting penetrated, sucking or jacking a guy off. And it helps if I see a guy shoot his cum on the girls face, breasts, ass or pussy. is a good site, as it T'nAflix. com, & I go there a lot when I masturbate.

that was so hot

that was so hot