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Male Masturbation

A recent maturbation experience (friends sisters panties)

As an avid male teenage masturbator I am always trying to find new ways to raise excitement when i masturbate. After reading many stories of masturbating with other girls panties i decided to give this a try.

Me and my male friend (who i will leave unnamed) have been really close for a long time and on many occasions have masturbated with each other while watching porn and out of pure boredom. But he has a sister that is about three years younger than me. She is currently 14 and has a nice petite body which i have noticed developing throughout the last few years since I am always at her house hanging out with her brother. But this past year i have started to actaully stare her down and fantasize about her new and forming body.

While spending a night at my friends house, I became really horny. Since we are really close and good friends we usually acknowledge our horniness and usually both us of us will go to the computer and watch porn and masturbate right next to each other (but we have never really masturbated each other, although i dont think i'd be opposed to it). Well anyways this particular night in the midst of my hornyness i got an idea since his sister wasnt home that night and when my friend was asleep (since im usually up later anways) i'd sneak into his sisters room and steal her panties and masturbate with them. This left me to hold off on masturbating as my friend asked if i'd want to join him on our usual porn browing and masturbating session which i declined. So instead I stayed in the same room supposedly "watching tv" as he went and sat down at his computer where he then dropped his pants and stroked his 5 inch cock (i know its 5 inches cause weve both measured our hard cocks together once before). I became hornier as i watched the porn on the computer screen and also became hornier by watching my friend masturbate.

As the night went on my friend fell asleep. After making sure he was heavily asleep i carefully snuck into his sisters room across the hall (while avoiding to make sounds since his dad was watching tv down stairs). When i approached her room i grabbed one of her bras from her drawers and two of her panties from her dirty clothes pile. After getting her underwear i walked down the hall again into the bathroom.

I carefully and quitely closed the door of the bathroom, turned on the light, and dropped my shorts and boxers and pulled out my cock. I first started to sniff her a-cup bra and imagined what her petite breasts were like. Then i pulled out her two panties from the dirty clothes pile and smelled them. It was very obvious that her panties were once soaked with her juices because they smelled of pussy wetness and were stained. I wrapped one of her panties around my hard 6 inch cock and stroked my hard cock with it as i sniffed and licked the other panties. After waiting all night for this, i finally came all over the bathroom floor and some into her panties around my cock. After cleaning up, i put all her underwear back were they were and went back to my friends room where he was still fast asleep where i was still excited about my masturbation adventure.

Well after writing this my cock has gotten hard again. I think im gonna masturbate right now. Thanks for reading. Leave some comments of what you think.


I am a 50 year old and love the feel of panties around my cock. and being married with 3 daughters aged 17, 19 and 22 I have plenty to choose from in the house. Getting hard just thinking of it now and imagining your cock in panties too.

I'd let you wack off with my

I'd let you wack off with my thongs anyday ;)