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Masturbation, Nudism, and Skinny Dipping

As I have stated and done in my last post, as a horny male teenaged masturbator I am always in search for more sexual excitement and I am always trying to find new fun things to do when masturbating. So one day when my parents weren't home i decided to have some fun.

Within the last year I have been reading stories about nudism, nudist beaches, nudist families, and etc. Well after reading these stories I have had a strong desire to experience nudism and being naked and free around my house and in public, but for now since I am still a teen and do not know anyone willing to join me in this nudist experience I am not able to be an open nudist or experience it. But instead I am trying it on a smaller basis on my own in a more private setting.

It's always exciting to walk around naked and free, even if it's in our homes. Sometimes when my parents aren't around (and im sure you guys have done this too) I take off my clothes and continue my daily routine in the house bare naked. It is always an exciting experience and feeling, but it wasn't until a few weeks ago I decided to move this experience into my backyard.

My backyard is half covered by brick walls and half covered by bared fences. It is on a hillside which means I have a view of other houses and yards which obviously means they can probably see me too. Also the neighbors backyard on both sides of me have views of my backyard also. But lastly my backyard has a pool and lounge chairs. So one day i was brave enough to go spend an hour or two nude in my backyard. I first walked out being clothed in my t shirt and swim trunks. I undressed after I started to feel secure. I laid back in my lounging chair and started to apply sunblock to my body. I start out by rubbing lotion on my chest, arms, and stomach. Then on to my legs and higher until I started rubbing lotion on my cock as it became hard. I relaxed and started to read a magazine nude on my lounging chair as my hard on slowly started to fade away but not completely.

After spending a half hour or so naked outside I decided to jump in my pool. It felt amazing to be free and naked, skinny dipping in my pool. I grabbed a lay back floaty and relaxed in it. Having my body half submerged in the water with my cock mostly hard and out of the water I decided to start jerking off while floating there. I laid back and stroked up and down my 6 inch cock hoping someone was watching until finally i came on my stomach and some into the pool. I relaxed a little more after cumming with the cum still on my stomach until I got out of the pool, dried up, and went back into my house.

I found this nudist experience to be fun and exciting. I strongly suggest to have some nudist experience of your own. Thanks for reading and leave me comments of what you think. I would also like to hear your experiences if you have any similar nudist stories.

mildel aged home nudist

Iv enjoyed being naked around the house since my teens when home alone, now sundays are naked days enjoying the freedom to play with my cock when i feel like it. on sunny days gardening and wanking in rear secluded garden, a few weeks a go a friend caught me in there sitting on my garden seat naked and hard cock, was good to discover he was bi to, looks great naked as well


Masturbating in public is an experience like no other. When you get used to doing it that way, its great. I've done the same thing that you did out by the pool as well as several others. Something i love that you might try sometime is masturbating at the beach. Having strange women watch me is such a turn on.

same here

I also love to walk around my house alone and nude, I haven't the guts to go into by backyard yet though but walking around your own house with a hard cock is extremely satisfying