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Fun with Step Sister and Step Mother

Everything seemed normal around the house after the wild weekend I had with my step mother. About the only difference was I looked at her differently now. Before she always turned me on and I loved to look at her, but I tried not to get caught. Now I wanted her to see me undressing her with my eyes, and I also noticed how she looked at me when no one else was around. We had always had a good relationship, but now you could tell we were a lot closer. I did not realize how our lives were going to change after what happened.

I was lying in bed one night a couple weeks after that weekend with my step mom, just watching some TV. I heard my step sister coming down stairs and was hoping she would be good and horney after her date. It was pretty late and I figured everyone else would be asleep. I was kind of surprised at the way my step sister was acting. It was obvious she had been drinking and had probably had a little too much. She came right into my room and started undressing. She was mumbling something about that lame dick she was out with and how she needed a good, hard fucking.

She climbed up in the bed and wasted no time grabbing my dick and sucking it into her hungry mouth. She was down between my legs sucking and stroking my cock as hard as she could. My cock continued to grow and harden in her mouth. As soon as my cock was hard and throbbing, she climbed on top of me. Holding my dick upright with one hand, she placed her sweet pussy lips right over my cock. Pushing her pussy down over my hard shaft, she moaned out as inch after inch of hard cock penetrated her.

“Oh Fuck that feels good,” she moaned.

I could feel the walls of her pussy stretching to accommodate the size of my cock. Her pussy was so wet, I had no idea what she had been doing that night, but she was definitely worked up and ready to fuck. She was riding my cock hard, slamming her pussy down on me. She was fucking me hard and fast and grinding her pussy down on me. Grabbing her tits and squeezing them, I pulled them down to my mouth so I could suck and bite on her nipples. This turned her on even more and she started to fuck me even harder.

“Oh fuck yes, Oh God, yes, fuck me with that big cock, I need to cum! Make my pussy cum! Oh, fuck yes!”

She started to cum on top of me; I bit her nipple harder and pulled her down on my cock. I pumped my cock up in to her pussy over and over, pushing her further in to her orgasm. As she came down we slowed our pace and started to move her hips around on my cock.

“God that felt so good, your cock has ruined me for other guys. I love the feeling of this big cock inside me. You always make my pussy cum so good. I want you to lick my pussy now. Will you lick my pussy for me?”

As she asked that she pulled her pussy off my cock and started to slide up my body. She placed her knees on each side of my head and lowered her wet pussy down over my mouth. I pushed my tongue out and stuck it up into her pussy. She lowered her pussy right over my mouth and started to rock it back and forth on my tongue.

I licked and sucked at her clit as I reached up with my hands and grabbed her ass. She held on to the head board and started to fuck my face with her sweet pussy. Her pussy was leaking its sweet juice all over my face. I was licking and sucking and trying to keep my tongue on her clit as she moved around over top of me. Her moans her getting loader and I could feel her body starting to give in to the pleasure my mouth and tongue were giving her.

“Oh fuck..Yesss, God yess, Oh fuck!”

She started cumming on my face and I licked and sucked as she ground her pussy down on me. Her pussy juices tasted so sweet as they gushed out on to my face. As she slowly came down from her orgasm her grinding slowed to very slow pace. I gently lapped at her pussy lips trying to lick up the last of her sweet juice without over stimulating her now sensitive clit. She slid back down my body and licked my lips and kissed me deep, tasting her own sweet juices.

We kissed as my hands ran down her body and grabbed her ass checks. I squeezed them and pulled her ass checks apart. I played with her ass and pussy as we continued to kiss.

As I started to push her off me, I thought I saw some movement over by the doorway at the stairs. I turned my step sister over on her back with her head down near the foot of the bed so I could watch the doorway. I had a good idea my step mom was watching us, and I wanted to watch her as she did.

I spread my step sister’s legs apart and slowly started pushing my big hard cock back into her wet pussy. I pushed it in slowly till it bottomed out deep in her cunt. I held my hard cock deep inside her and she let out a deep throaty moan. I could see her eyes closing and her relishing the feeling of my cock buried deep in her womb. I pulled my cock out of her just as slowly, before sinking it back in to her pussy again.

Over and over with long, slow, deep thrusts I fucked her. The slow pace was driving her crazy and she was begging me to fuck her harder and faster.

“Oh fuck, come on and fuck me! You’re killing me; I need you to fuck me hard! Oh God please fuck me harder!”

As I started to fuck her a little harder I looked up at the doorway. I saw my sexy step mother standing there in just a robe. She had it opened up and I could see she had one hand massaging her breast and the other hand was busy fingering her pussy. She had her eyes about closed and was biting her lip to try and keep quite. She was lost in her own little fantasy and did not see me watching her. I kept watching her as I started to pound my cock into my step sister Lori’s tight pussy. Lori was starting to moan and pant with every thrust of my hard cock. Watching my step mother finger her pussy while I fucked my step sister was too much for me.

My hot cum was boiling inside my balls and it was aching for release. I fucked my step sister harder and harder. You could hear our bodies slapping together with each new thrust. My step mother was now watching me, waiting to see me cum. She was rubbing her pussy faster and matching my thrust into Lori. We were all on the same speeding rollercoaster ride, heading for the huge climax. I couldn’t take my eyes off my step mother as I drove my cock deeper and deeper into Lori’s hot cunt. We were both grunting and panting as our bodies crashed together.

“Oh fuck cum for me! Oh God I can’t take any more, you have to cum! Cum on me! Give me your hot cum!”

I slammed into her pussy one last time and then pulled my cock out. I climbed up her body as I grabbed my hard cock. I straddled her chest and started to stroke my throbbing cock. I watched my step mother take a few steps closer. I was getting closer and closer, my balls were tightening up and I could feel my orgasm building up from deep within me. I held my cock pointed right at Lori’s face as stream after stream of hot sticky cum blasted out of me.

I watched my step mother start to cum as I continued to cover my step sister’s face. My step mother’s eyes were glazed over with lust and I had no idea what would happen next. I smeared my cock around on my step sister’s face as the last globs of cum oozed from me.

Lori sucked my cock into her mouth to lick the rest of the cum off. I looked down to watch her suck my cock and when I looked up I saw my step mother leaving. Lori finished cleaning my cock off and then used her fingers to move the rest of my cum on her face to her mouth. I moved off of her as I watched her scope up my cum and lick it from her fingers. She leaned over and kissed me and thanked me for helping satisfy her needs. She ask what I was looking at while I fucked her and I told her nothing, that I had thought I had seen something but I must have been wrong.

The next evening when I came home Lori was down stairs, my dad was in the living room and my step mother was in the kitchen. I went into the kitchen and walked up behind my step mother. She was wearing a little tight pair of gym shorts and a tank top. I reached around her and pulled her back to me. I pressed my now hardening cock into her ass. I massaged her breast through her top as I kissed on her neck.

I felt her push back against me with her ass, nudging my cock between her ass checks. I wanted her so bad; I wanted to rip her shorts off and bend her over the kitchen counter and fuck her so hard right then and there. I felt she was giving into the pleasure and then she quickly pulled away.

“You have to stop that! Anyone could walk in any minute. We can’t get caught like this.”

I reached out and grabbed her again, I pulled her too me and kissed her passionately on the lips. I reached around her and grabbed her ass and as I kissed her. I slid my finger under the leg of her shorts and I could feel the heat of her pussy. She moaned deeply into my mouth as I slid my finger into her hot hole.

She raised her leg up and hooked it around me to give me better access. I pushed another finger into her pussy and slid them both in and out. I kept her mouth covered with my own to help muffle her moans. When I thought I had her worked up enough to do anything I wanted, I pulled away from her.

“Did you like watching me fuck Lori last night? I saw you watching us and it was so hot. It turned me on so much to watch you play with yourself while I fucked your daughter. I wanted you to come join us, why did you leave?”

She moved toward me again and reached out to grab my cock through the shorts I had on. She kissed me while her hand slid over the bulge that was growing in my shorts. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and I gladly accepted it. I kissed her back as I felt my cock harden under her touch.

“I wanted you so bad last night, I heard you and Lori and had to come down there and watch you. I couldn’t help making myself cum, I wanted to cum in there and feel your cock sliding in and out of my pussy and I wanted to lick her pussy for you while you fucked me.”

“I would have loved that, I dreamed about fucking you all night after watching you. I want you so bad, it has been so long sense I felt you.”

My step mother slipped away from me and told me to stay right there. She walked into the living room for a minute and I could hear her talking to my dad. A few minutes later to came back in the kitchen and pushed me backwards against the counter top. She kissed me and she grabbed my hard cock again. She pulled away slowly letting her tongue linger on my lips. She then slowly sank to her knees in front of me.

“SSSHHH!! You have to be quiet,“ she said holding a finger up to her lips. “I have to feel this big fat cock again. I wanted to come in there and lick your cum off her face so bad last night. We don’t have much time, but I have to taste your cum.”

As she said that she was pulling the leg of my gym shorts out and up to free my hard cock. She looked at my cock and just licked her lips. She held my cock by the base and licked all around the head. As she licked around my cock, she slowly opened her lips and slid the head in to mouth. She moved her head around swirling her mouth on my hard cock. It was so exciting having my hot step mother sucking my cock in the kitchen with my dad only a few feet away in the living room.

My step mother was sucking my cock hard and fast. She was sucking the top half of my cock in and out of her mouth and pumping her fist around the bottom half. She pulled her mouth from my cock and whispered, “Give me you hot cum baby. I want you to shoot that hot cum right down my hungry throat!”

She pushed her mouth back down on my cock just in time, my cock started to throb and pulse as my hot cum shot out the end. She barely got her mouth back around my cock as the first blast landed right on her tongue. She stroked her hand and milked the cum from my balls in to her mouth. She was swallowing as fast as she could, but a little cum drooled out the corners of her mouth. She sucked my cock till she had gotten all the cum I could give her. As she pulled her mouth from by cock she licked the remaining cum from the corners of her mouth, and then kissed the head of my dick before putting it back in my shorts. She stood up and gave me a little kiss.

“That should hold you over for a bit, and I’ll just have to wait to feel that big cock in my pussy again.”

“Don’t wait too long or I’ll just have to grab you, bend you over the nearest thing and fuck you!”

“Oh my God that would be so hot! You make my pussy so wet baby. Your dad is going out of town again next week, and if you’re a good little boy you might get your wish!”

Oh gosh that was so hot. I

Oh gosh that was so hot. I just orgasmed three times ;)