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Male Masturbation

Nudism and our Open Masturbation Policy

My wife and I love to be nude, and are naked at home all the time. We also have some friends who share in this joy, so we often go nude at each others houses. Unlike many nudist resorts where erections are frowned upon, at each others houses they are encouraged and praised. The ladies say they would be insulted if we weren't hard!

While my wife and I love sex with each other, we're also avid masturbators. There's something relaxing about being able to pleasure one's self, and not have to worry about another person, trying to match their pace, etc. As such we have an "open masturbation" policy. Anytime we feel like getting off we can, without fear or recrimination of being caught. Rather, with the full support and praise of the other person.

It's incredibly liberating, having this blanket permission to pleasure ourselves. We've 'caught' each other many times, and encouraged each other. Sometimes we stay and watch, other times we'll just say "have fun" and leave. There have been times where one of us has left the house, leaving the other to have the ability to fully explore the solo kinky side.

We've also gone to public places together and gotten off. For example we'll go to a store, she'll go to the ladies room, me to the men's, knowing full well that we're going to go in there to masturbate. Knowing my wife is only a few feet away getting herself off really adds to my excitement.

Just wondering if any other couples had this kind of experience, or a similar "open masturbation policy" in their houses?

Pleasure Is The Best Policy

Being a fellow nudist, I could fully appreciate what you were saying about nudist resorts and erections. Going to friends homes sounds like a great idea and especially not have to worry about erections. Because sometimes, you just can't help getting excited. Loved hearing about you and your wife's public experiences. As for me, I enjoy going into the great outdoors and getting naked. It's a great experience to be fully nude in nature and at the same time the freedom to masturbate to some very vocal orgasms!