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Male Masturbation

First time Jacking someone else off

I had a bunch of friend's over for my 14th birthday party. We went go carting, and to a movie, and then all went to my house for a pizza party. My Mom said we could use the family room downstairs, and we put sleeping bags out, and ended up making a giant fort out of the furniture cushions and futon mattress and frame. We stayed up talking about girls, and sex, and boners....and boners...and who had the biggest boner...We all got ourselves up, and then measured each other's with a sleeping bag string. My buddy Brandon, had the biggest, it was almost half the length of the exposed part of the the drawstring (idk how many inches, as I don't have a sleeping bag anymore). He boasted for a few minutes, and we all laughed, and pulled our pajamas back up. I was always curious about guys, but never acted on the curiosity until that night. We kept talking about boners, and masturbation, and how many times we did it a day, or a week, and if we were going to have kids when we were all older...I noticed that Brandon and I were the only ones who still had hardons. I didn't point it out, but kept mine covered under the sleeping bag. Since we all knew he had the biggest boner, he didn't hide it at all, it just poked up in his pants, and he didn't pay any attention. Everyone kept dozing off, and I just layed there waiting to fall asleep. I felt a finger poking my foot, and I tilted my head up, to see Brandon looking at me smiling...In a whisper voice I asked what he wanted...He sat up, and looked around at the other guys sleeping, and twisted his body and sleeping bag around to be closer to me..."I was wondering if you've ever jacked off somebody else's dick before." I shook my head no, and he looked at me with a tilted head. "I barely even do that to myself"..He smiled again and whispered "Would you do it to me?" I wasn't sure how it wold work out, cause I was only used to doing it to myself looking down, and so I thought I'd give it a shot. I said sure, and he slid his feet toward me, so that his body was facing mine, and I had access to his boner, which hadn't gone away! I reached in his pjs and pulled at his dick...He pulled his pants down, and I saw his balls were tight against his body, and really red. His light brown pubes were sparse and wavy. I started pulling and pushing on his dick, the opposite direction of how I did it to myself. He had closed his eyes at this point, and had his head resting on his propped up left arm and hand. His right hand was rubbing his belly button, and playing with the little bit of hair he had on his stomach. I just kept a steady rhythm, and didn't know when he was going to cum, cause by now I would have already came. He opened his eyes and looked at me, biting his lower lip. He cupped his hand under his dick, and let a breath of air out as he came...He spurted little bits into his cupped hand, and one accidentally landed on my sleeping bag. I stopped pumping his boner, and then I could feel him slowly moving it in and out of my hand...He closed his eyes for a second while he enjoyed the afterglow...and then eventually whispered "thank you" as he slid his pjs back up, and got out of the fort...He came back with clean hands, and we said goodnight, and fell asleep. That was the first time I ever jacked someone else off, until a highschool weekend trip with a boy from another school. Brandon is probably in the airforce, like he always talked about joining...but I'll never forget how big that dick was at the time!