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I have been horny all week and today I sunk to the lowest of lows...letting my dog like peanut butter off my pussy, I know gross right? But god, it felt so fucking good! The best part was when i shoved someone peanut butter in my pussy and my dog wasn't going to stop till he got it all...after my newly shaved pussy was licked clean I shoved the spoon I was using to spread the peanut butter on my pussy with up my dripping pussy hole and pulled it in and out in and out til I finally came...I love my dog:)

All that matters is that you

All that matters is that you had a good orgasm. At least you know have another option when it cums time to get off again.

OMG!!!! I have to try!

This sounds great! My dog has a really long tongue too;))

Did you have any luck?

Share the wealth. Did you try hornysamm?

Still fucking hot. ;)

Still fucking hot. ;)

i heard..

I heard of people doing that.....if you would of just asked me i would of done that for you...and you wouldnt have to worry about