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I spied on my Dad jacking off, and I liked it. Is that weird?

I'm 19 and I go to a community college close to home, so I just stay here, since I'm the youngest kid my parents didn't say no. I've been on spring break since the beginning of last week, which ends in a couple days. But I think my Dad forgot I was home, since I only work a few hours a week usually. My mom works in the morning, and my Dad usually works 3rd shift, so he sleeps during the day. Their room is across the hall from mine, and I was getting up to go to the bathroom and when I walked by their room the door was open a crack, and I heard my Dad breathing loudly, so I peeked in, just to see what was going on, and all I could see was his body from the chest down, and he was naked, and jacking off. I turned around and went back to my room, but then got curious and went back to look in again, and see if he was still doing it. He was kind of doing it slowly, and he was really sweaty. He lifts alot, so he's kinda built with not alot of body hair, but just patches of it, around his nipples and his six pack, and he's really hairy around his crotch and thighs, which I'm not. But I couldn't stop looking, and so he was all sweaty, and he was jacking off, his penis isn't that big, but it's probably like about my size, and circumsized, and I'm about 7 inches, and not very thick. But he was kind of wheezing a little bit, probably cause he's 52 and smokes. His balls are really big and not very hairy, and they kept making a slapping sound against his sweaty thighs, when he was jacking. I started to get a boner, and I wanted to join him in a way, but not like have sex with him. I heard him start to growl kind of, which was funny, but hot too. And then I watched him cum all over. Like, a big mess, on his hand, all in his bush, and on his balls, and thighs, and even on the bedspread...He kept jacking off after that, and I heard him mumbling something to himself, and then he growled again, and I watched him cum again, but this time wasn't shooting out, it just oozed out of his penis. He stopped jacking off, and I snuck back to my room, and had a really hard boner, and I forgot I even had to pee. I heard him go in the bathroom and shower, and so I waited til the water stopped and walked out in the hall to wait for him, so I could pee, my boner went away, and I was going to just jack off in the shower after him. He walked out naked, and I think I scared him, cause he said "Jesus Christ!" and he laughed and covered his penis, and went in his room. I jacked off right away as soon as I got naked in the shower, and I came really hard. I keep thinking about it, but I don't know if it's a bad thing or not. I don't want to have sex with my Dad, but I just want to jack off with him. Is that weird?


Just seemed weird I guess.


It's not weird at all ;) I love watching people jack off. It may not work out, since he's your Dad, and he wasn't very open to you seeing him naked (you said he covered his dick when he saw you). I'd say don't push it, but it may just be a natural curiosity if you haven't watched anyone jack off before. It's something new and exciting. If you lived on campus you'd see alot more, and you may not feel so weird about it...