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Hey everyone, im new here so im probably not sure how this works but here goes. :)
My name is Abraham, im 18 years old and 7in cut. im 5ft. 7.5in. tall. My friend Korbin is 19 years old, 5 ft. 10in.'and he is 8.7in cut. He recently moved next door 4 months ago. We have been friends since 6th grade and we still are really close friends.

Last month i went on a camping trip with my friend Korbin. His parents invited me which i acceoted and decided to go. Once we got there, the first thing Korbin said was "Hey, lets go for a walk." since there were paths around. So i joined him. Not sure how long we took to get back to the tent but that was a nice walk with him. His parents have already put up the two tents they brought so i had to sleep with Korbin in his tent while his parents slept in the other one. We all went to sleep.
The next morning everyone got up all fresh and stuff so we all decided to walk to the lake which was a couple of miles away so i got really tired. Korbin said we were close so we all kept walking. We arrived at the lake and the first thing i did was go sit near the lake and rest a little but rightout of nowhere Korbin jumps into the lake which he did purposely to make a splah and get me wet. I got a little angry but hey, everyone can forgive Korbin. Well his parents said they were going to start walking back to camp but me and Korbin decided to stay at the lake a little longer. While i was sitting there. i was looking around becausethe forest looked reallt nice. While i was looking around, i caught Korbin staring at me which made me blush. He saw me blushing so he started splahing water towardmmemto get me wet again. So i splashed water at him but it did make a big splash since i wasnt in the water with him. He swam around while i started to undress and got into the lake with him. The water was very cold but suddenly he pulled me in.
Is was really cold so which made me jump alot which made him more playful. He started to tickle me and touch me. Soon after (since i really didnt know how to swim) he started grabbing me but my ass and he would rub and squeeze it but i didnt mention it then he would reach down and grab ahold of my penis and squeeze a little but he would help me swim. His hands are warm even in cold warm which this turned me on. I got a boner which he noticed after brabbing me a couple of times. Soon after i started blushing really red and he grinned at started teasing me. He started getting closer to me and he would hild me against him and then he would lick my neck. I wanted him to continue so i let him. The sun started to set but we still continued in the lake. After my boner was gone we started to make out, but i soon noticed he was rock hard. He would press his hard boner onto my leg and on top of my penis. He reached down and managed to slide his hand into my shorts and he started stroking me. About 5 mins have passed and he made me cum. We both got out of the lake and since all that happened in the lake, i was quiet and well not sure what to call it but i guess shy next to him. We both got our towels and cloths and we started walking to camp.
It started getting dark out so it started getting cold. I started to shiver then Korbin pulled me against him and wraped his arm around me to warm me up. He gave ke a small kiss on the cheek and i layed me head on his shoulder. We arrived at camp and his parents were already asleep. Me and Korbin both went into our tent to get ready to sleep. Korbin undressed while i was getting my pj's but Korbin put his wet cloths on his sleeping bag on "accident." So i let him sleep with me in mt sleeping bag. We both managed to sleep and oh my god, his body is so warm and comforting to sleep against. I was the first to fall asleep. It was about midnight that night and i felt something hard pressing againt my butt, so i reached over and i felt around and found out it was his penis. He wqs prettending ti sleep but he moaned when i touched his penis. About half an hour i felt him reach over and he slid his hand into my pj's and undies and started stroking me slowly. This really turned memon so i ended up moaning lightly and panting a little. Korbin heard me to he started teasing me by stroking me fast until i started moaningmloud then he would completely stop. He started crawling in the sleeping bad to unzip it and to make a bit more room. be saw me awake so he pulled me by the waist and he pullede pj's and undies off and he took of his boxers (which was the only thing he was wearing) and started to press tip of penis into my asshole. I moaned loud in pain but soo later it turned into pure pleasure. He was fucking me slowly since he knew i was still in pain kind of so he wanted me to enjoy it, well i was. He started to speed up and started to fuck me harder. I started to moan a louder but i covered me mouth so his parents would wake up. About 10-20 mins have past and he came in my ass. He let it pour out but then he licked it off. He started to blow job me but i came in about 6 mins or so and he stopped and i came all over my belly. He kissed me and he put all his cum into my mouth which i swallowed while he was licking my cum off of me. His cum was warm and sweet, a little salty but sweet.
His family continued inviting me on trips which i went to all to be with Korbin. There is also a story i would share but ill save thst for another time.

Hope you guys enjoyed this story. ;)
Happy Wanking Guys! ;D

your writing

can you not think about putting paragraphs in your story? It would be easier to read.

I want more!

Boy did I get messy reading this one, you sir are lucky to have this happen to you ^_^

wow... i wish i coud

i wish i coud experience the same..

Spelling Errors

Hey everyone, im not sure but i might have some spelling errors in there somewhere.