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Female Masturbation

Weekend Sex Benefits at Work

Starting off in a new job is scary, even scarier at 17. I had worked in a shop for the summer when 16, but when I was at college I got a Saturday job in a small factory. The work was always interesting and varied. Most weekends the office only had a couple of women in, they would just work up until dinner time. One of the women, older then the rest would often work the whole day.

I had been working there for a couple of months, when one Saturday I was asked to paint the office, and could I work Sunday as well? I said that I could. When I arrived on the Sunday there were only two people there, the older woman, Sandra, and the Factory Manager. I was still painting in the office, the windows faced the sun, and it was like a sauna, in there, as I had to have the windows closed. After about two hours, my t-shirt was soaked and I needed a break. I went into the outer room and Sandra was there, she looked over as I came out of the main office, and saw how hot I was. She laughed at the state I was in and said I should relax a bit. Bob, the Manager had already gone home, and so I didn’t need to rush to get it all finished.

Sandra got me a cool drink and brought it over. She was dressed in a tight white top, which did nothing to hide her ample breasts, her dress was flowing and she walked over her hips swaying. She put the drink down on the desk, as she leaned over, she made sure that I could see her cleavage, and there was an instant reaction in my shorts and she saw. She told me that to make myself cooler I should take off my soaked t-shirt. I was a bit embarrassed, but I began to take it off, but it was sticking to my wet body, as I struggling, Sandra came over and helped me take off my shirt. She was stood so close to me, her big tits were rubbing on me, I could smell her perfume and feel my cock getting harder in my shorts. She leaned even closer, her hips pushing towards me, and her hand rubbed down my chest and onto my hard cock.She grabbed my hand and guided it to her tits, I squeezed gently, she moaned and moved away.

We parted, she looked at me, we both knew that we wanted sex, and we wanted it now. She undid her top, her large tits were bulging in her bra, she undid her bra and let her tits loose. I went towards her as she started to lift and squeeze her tits. She was sat on the edge of the desk, her legs spread, I pushed her dress up and saw her panties, pulled tight over her pussy. Her panties were already wet, I pushed them to one side and slipped two fingers deep in her wet pussy, sliding them back and forth as she reached down and pulled my hard cock out my shorts. She pulled her dress right up to her thighs as I pulled off her panties. Her legs wide open as she sat on the desk, my fingers slipped easily into her wet pussy. She was tugging hard at my cock and leaned back more and guided me into her.

"Oh Dave, just fuck me hard," she said as my cock went deep in. I was fucking her as hard as I could, her big tits wobbled with each thrust. I felt my cock twitch and shot my cum deep in her. We kissed and my cock slipped out her pussy.

She said we should get dressed just in case, I put on my shorts and she pulled her dress down and put her top back on. I went back into the other office to finish the painting. I had it all finished and tidied up by about 6pm that evening. Halfway through the afternoon, Sandra had popped her head round the door to say she was off, but would be back later, she threw her wet panties in my direction as she left. I watched her through the window as she left, as she got by her car, she turned, lifted her dress and flashed her hairy pussy at me and smiled.

I was just sitting down with a drink when Sandra came back. She had changed and was now wearing a long wrap around dress. It had a halter top and she had a strapless bra on. She looked round the office to check my handy work and told me I had down a good job. She stood close to me and turned and we kissed slow and deep, my hands feeling her hot body through her dress. I told her I still needed to come back in on Sunday to finish everything off. She said she would drive me home and pick me up the next day. We got into her car and drove, as she was driving she pulled her dress up to her thighs. She knew I was looking, and she glanced over at me and smiled. We arrived all too quickly at my house, she stopped outside, and leaned over and kissed me, whilst holding my hand to her wet pussy. She said she would pick me up at 7am the next morning.

I was ready when Sandra arrived the next morning. There was the usual summer chill in the air, but it was still warm. We drove to the office and went in. I went into the office to finish the painting. I had a few last bits to do, and then get all the furniture back in place. Sandra came into the office, and sat down. She had brought coffees in, she told me stop and have a chat.

We sat on the edge of a desk, she asked if I thought that she was attractive.

I felt myself blushing as I told her I thought she was still very attractive and that I had been looking at her ever since I had started working. She smiled and kissed me. She said she was glad that she still had appeal, she told me how she had lost her husband, and about her daughter and son in law and grandson. She said he was about the same age as me, I was shocked when she told me as I didn’t think she was that old. I told her she didn’t look old enough, but she had her daughter at 17, then met her husband, when she was 23. Her daughter got pregnant at 19 and now her grandson was 16.

We finished coffees and I started to get back to work of moving the furniture around. As I moved one of the desks, a large metal plinth fell off and landed on my foot. I swore, a lot!!

Sandra came back in and told me sit down and take off my shoe. As I sat down, Sandra slipped of my sock, and was rubbing my foot. Her hands felt good, she began to rub higher up my leg, I could again see down her top, I knew she hadn’t put a bra on, by the way her tits were moving under her top, I felt my cock getting harder as her hands reached the insides of my thighs. She told me to lie on the floor, and as I did she slipped off her dress, and was totally naked underneath, and straddle my face.

I began to lick her pussy while she was sucking my hard cock, pulling my shorts down, she licked from tip of my cock to my ass. Then she licked her finger and rimmed my wet ass, then slipped in her finger, I almost came. She stopped, and told me to do the same to her. She asked me if I had ever had my cock in a woman’s ass before, I told her I hadn’t. She said 'good', that meant she was going to be my first. She stood up and went to her bag and got out some lube, she told me to put it over her ass and my cock. She was leaning over the desk, my fingers slipped in her wet ass and I rubbed my cock on her pussy. She told me to go easy and push my cock in her ass.

It was so tight on my hard cock, but it went in, then deeper until I was all the way in. She reached down and was pulling at my balls as I fucked her ass. She was moaning more and more as I fucked her then she put her fingers on her clit and was rubbing hard, then I felt her tighten as she came. I pulled my cock out her ass and she guided it up her pussy and told me she wanted me to cum, I fucked her with deep hard thrusts until I came deep in her.

She lay on the desk for a moment then put her dress back on, and asked how my foot was. I told her it still was hurting but I would get the room finished. When I had it done, I went into the outer office. She said we needed a proper chat. I thought I was for the high jump. She told me to phone my parents and tell them I was going to stay the night, as it was the start of half term, I didn’t need to be in college.

We drove back to her house. We had a bath and got dressed, in just dressing gowns. She explained that her grandson was going to be staying a few days. She wanted to hear about any sexual contact I had in the past. I told her that I was too embarrassed to tell her, she smiled and joked saying I had just been fucking her in her ass, there wasn’t much more I could do to be embarrassed about.

She was sat next to me on the sofa, her gown was open and she held my hand, holding her tits and rubbing them, I could feel her hard nipples. She said she had a real secret desire but wasn’t sure if she could do it. I told her about seeing my sister naked sunbathing outside in the garden. I told her how I went back in the house and she had caught me wanking. As I was telling her I could feels Sandra’s breathing getting faster and she had opened her legs wider. She asked if I had wanted to fuck my sister, when I said yes, she just smiled even more.

She said she had been going into her grandson’s room every night when he stayed and had made him cum a few times when she would wank his cock while he was asleep, but now she wanted his cock in her. I was shocked when she told me this, and I had thought that I had the bad thoughts. She said he was going to be staying and that I should help her, she sad she could even have both cocks at once. I told her I would be game and would help.

She leaned over to me and kissed me deep, saying thank you, and undid her robe, she said although she had made up the spare bed, we should go to her bed, and I was gong to be the first to sleep with her since her husband had passed away, we got upstairs and went to bed naked, kissing and touching she lay on her back as my cock found her wet pussy, we fucked slow and long and then lay together and slept.

The next day we just went around the house doing nothing in particular until her daughter arrived. I was introduced to Tony and Linda. Linda didn’t stay long saying had a long drive back and wanted to get back early, that left me Tony and Sandra in the house.

Sandra said she wanted me and Tony to do some work in the garden and remove a tree. We had built up a sweat when Sandra brought out drinks, she had got changed into shorts and a top, the top was thin enough to see her bra though, and her nipples were clearly visible. She sat opposite us, her legs spread wide, I could tell she had no panties on, and could see he swollen pussy lips, she was looking a Tony for a reaction. He was extremely embarrassed but his cock was rising in his shorts. Sandra saw the reaction, but didn’t show any outward signs but she looked over at me, and there was a slight nod. We finished in the garden and went back in the house, Tony said he needed a shower.

Sandra came up with a plan, she told me to turn the tap on downstairs that would make the water run cold, but only when she was ready to walk in the bathroom on Tony. She went in her room and put on a short robe, left it undone and came back down to me, she had a quick rub of my cock as I fingered her pussy then she went upstairs.

I turned the tap on as far as I could, there was a slight scream from the bathroom and Sandra quickly opened the door, there stood Tony, his hard cock in his hand and there was Sandra standing in the doorway with her robe open wide. They both just stood looking at each other for a moment. Sandra moved towards Tony, she said it was OK and she wouldn't tell his mum, but was he thinking of her while he was wanking?

He nodded and blushed, she said that is was good, and told him to get out the shower. She shouted down to me that I should come upstairs. I went up the stairs and found them in the bedroom, Tony had recovered some but was still in a state of shock, Sandra was sat on the bed her robe open, and was holding Tony close to her. I undid my shorts as I went in the room, she lay on her back her legs open wide and I began to lick her wet hairy pussy while she was sucking Tony’s cock.

Tony was still in a state of shock, Sandra kept telling him how good his cock was and it was OK, she got up on the bed and put her pillows on the middle of the bed, and made Tony lie on them, lifting his hips, and then she straddle his cock, sliding it right up her fanny.

She leaned over him, and handed me the lube, and said, "You know what I want Dave."

She had her tits in Tony’s face. Her hips were grinding on Tony’s cock and she had one hand on his balls and the other forcing a nipple into Tony’s mouth. As I was stood behind her, I had my cock rubbing between her ass cheeks, and lube all over my cock and fingers. I had her asshole well lubed up and pushed my cock in slow. Her moans were loud and she told me and Tony to give her a good hard fucking. Tony said he couldn’t, but I was still fucking her tight ass. Then Sandra told me to stop. I pulled out my cock, and she got off Tony. His cock was beginning to go limp. She said it was OK, and got on all fours, and started to suck him. She was stopping and saying she wanted him to cum, and wanted it all, and told me to fuck her. I slid back into her pussy and was fucking her as she sucked Tony, suddenly Tony moaned and came hard in Sandra’s mouth as I shot my cum in her. She quickly turned round and sucked my cock.

Tony left and went back into the bathroom, Sandra held me close and began to sob, she said it had gone all wrong and she felt so bad about Tony. I had nothing to tell her, we just lay in bed and waited. Soon Tony came back out the bathroom, and he came and sat on the bed.