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I really like to watch boys play with their dicks, but I really like my uncles. I'm a tomboy and have grown up men mostly, so I get to see a lot of cock. I also get to watch all the boys in my family jack off from time to time, they just don't know which one gets my attention the most!

Hi everyone,

My name is Brianna and you can say that I have a thing for watching grown men (not boys) jack off. I grew up with two brothers and a very well endowed dad. My mom and dad would stay up at nights watching t.v. in their underwear and my dad was constantly toying with his dick while my mom let him rub her ass. I developed an early fascination with handjobs as a little girl. My brothers would sit at my computer and look up naked girls pictures while stroking their dicks. I would watch from a spot behind the door every time and learn how they played with themselves.

We have cable t.v. in every room and even though I was considerably underage, I would watch every episode that was on Cinemax and toy with my young hairless pussy.

As I learned more and more I developed a fantasy about watching my uncle play with his dick. Well, about a week ago he came over to visit and as it got closer to Cinemax porn time, I called him into the back room with me. I flipped on the cable channel to 311 and CinemaX was showing a movie named "Cougar School".

My uncle wasted no time telling me that he was getting a boner watching the girls in the movie go at each other. He asked me if it would be o.k. if he jacked off while I watched. I said sure and he wasted no time pulling out his tallywacker and going to town yanking at it!!!

About five minutes into it he asked if I wanted to try masturbating him! I said I would but only for a few strokes. Well, I ended up jacking him off for a whole 30 minutes!!! His dick was soooo hard the whole time and he kept mentioning that my small hand felt really good on his mature cock.

He asked to see my pussy so I stopped jacking him off to undo my jeans and pull down my sponge bob panties. He started jacking off as I stripped down and I really enjoyed watching him jack off. His cock is so much better looking and really longer than my two brothers or my dad!

He asked me to wrap my panties around his pole and resume masturbating him until he squirts into my panties. I did as he asked but my panties could not contain all the juice that came out of his dick! I got it all over my hand and on my leg. He drew me closer and rubbed his wet cock on my ass while rubbing my hairless pussy.

We sat together for a while and continued to watch CinemaX porn and I let him fondle my young smooth pussy, ass and barely budding tits. I told him that next time I would give him a blowjob, although his dick may be too big for my young mouth. His only response was that he wished I was old enough already to fuck!!


Hot story. Just how young are you anyway. Sounds like an interesting family