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My Cousins

Years ago when I was 12 years old our aunt and her two daughters Gracie 17 and Delphine 14 would visit us about twice a month. The girls would sleep in the front room. One saturday morning as I always do ,I woke up early and watched cartoons. I turned on the TV and sat at the base of the pullout sofa bed where my cousins slept. After about five mintues my cousins started to stir around and Del had her right leg exposed out of her blanket. I turned back to the cartoon ,but within a minute I was looking back at her exposed leg and noticed I was excited looking at her. I crawled on my hands and knees to the right side of the sofa where she laid and looked at her exposed leg not five inches from her leg. I was so close to her leg I wanted to kiss it. I felt my dick was hard and lubed cause I'd been jacking off for at lease a year. I leaned over and gently kissed her leg a few inches above her panties. I pulled back and went towards the TV and looked back and saw that she didn't move. I went back by her leg looking at it and stood up. I was so excited I pulled my shorts and underwear down pulling my dick out. Del had her head turned away slightly to her left with her eyes shut I thought. I started jacking off looking at her leg enjoying myself. After a few times of looking at her leg and up at hers eyes I saw her head turned my way with her eyes half way opened. I panicked and pulled my shorts up. When I pulled them up I saw Del smile looking at my hard dick under my shorts as she dropped her knee to her right hanging off the mattress. Grace was still turned away from all this. I took a step away from her and stopped looking back at her. Del was still smiling glancing up a me and down at my hard dick. Del then looked up at me and then at her leg as she raised it up and back down. I was so turned on I pulled my dick back out looking at her eyes and then her leg with a slight smile. Del puckered her lips looking up at me and then at her leg. I got on my knees and started kissing her leg starting at her knee and slowly going up her leg. As I went up her leg she drew the blanket over me exposing Gracie's legs. Del lifted her leg over my back giving me access to the back of her leg and her left leg. As I kissed the back of her leg I saw Gracie's right knee go up exposing her thigh. I kissed Del's leg looking at Gracie's legs. After a few minutes of feeling an kissing the back of Del's leg Gracie extended her right leg over Del's left leg. I couldn't help myself and started feeling Gracie's right leg from her knee up as I kissed Del's leg. I then leaned over towards Gracie's leg and started kissing hers. Gracie lifted her knee up and soon I was on the mattress between Del and Gracie kissing Gracie's leg. I put my right hand under Gracie's left leg feeling it and my left hand around Del's left leg as I kissed Gracie's right leg. I was so happy and with a hard dick being felt by Gracie's left foot. Gracie then slid her right hand under her panties as I kissed her legs and Del's. A mintue later I started kissing Del between her legs because Gracie sounded like she was enjoying feeling herself and I taught Del might get the same feeling if I did it to her, I wasn't wrong. I reached down with my right hand and started stroking my dick and Gracie's foot reached down and gently felt my balls. Gracie then turned on her right side and draped her left leg over my back. I went under Del's leg and started kissing Gracie's legs and panties as they both pressed against me. Both my hands went under their thighs and started feeling their butts, first over their panties and then under them as I kissed and licked between both their legs. I wanted to jack off so badly. After a few minutes Del slid down and started kissing me and putting her tongue in my mouth and feeling my dick. I wasn't sure what Gracie was doing but pretty soon her panties were on the side of my face and I turned around kissing and licking her pussy and Del reached over and started jacking me off. About a minute of kissing and licking Gracie's pussy I stood up on the mattress jacking off in front of my two cousins. Del and Gracie watched me as I looked at both their bodies stroking my dick. Del took her panties off and lifted her nightie over her tits rubbing her pussy and Gracie soon followed her. A minute later I cum'd between them on the sheet and pillows, what a rush. I got on my knees exhausted but still couldn't help myself and started feeling and kissing their bodies. I kissed their legs,butts,pussies,tits,lips,tongues and everything in between until we hear a door creak. I jumped to the base of the mattress on the floor and the girls went under the covers sleeping. My aunt came in the front room telling to lower the volune on the TV so as not to wake the girls.

I turned the TV off and went to my room to sleep a few more hours waking up around 09:30.

When I woke up I came out of my room and my cousins were watching TV and the rest of my family were on our large front porch and lawn. Del and Gracie smiled as I walked over to them. As I got close to them Del stood up turning around looking through the curtains pulling down her shorts and panties. I got on my knees feeling and kissing her legs and butt as Gracie got on her knees reaching inside with both her hands inside my shorts and underwear feeling my dick and butt kissing me.

Ever since that day to this day we have been enjoying each other when we get togather. Del and Gracie live with fifty miles of each other , when I visit one I always visit the other. We only go as far as feeling and kissing and oral sex. I always try to expose my dick to them any time I can and masturbate sitting in front of them with my dick out of my shorts or down the hall looking back at them or outside a window at them. When I drive them around their cities in my truck for whatever reason they sit next to me with my pants down around my knees as I jack off with their skirts pulled back or shorts pulled down, they give me hand jobs as I feel them up.

We have been enjoying ourselves for the last forty plus years and well probably continue for years to come.

Just last night Del and I talked about some of the many things we did together when I visited her. The first thing we do when we can is french kiss and feel between each other's legs. Whenever she knew I was coming over for a visit she would usually be wearing a skirt or shorts. We would find an empty room or garage and she'd let me feel and kiss every square inch of her body. When we could she would suck my dick or I'd lick her pussy and every chance I had I would masturbate for her eyes only.

The last time I talked to Gracie I put her on speaker and laid the phone on the edge of my desk and jacked off. For moments we would not talk as I stroked my cock and she would hum and say things like it sounds good and stuff.

The last time I visited Gracie I arrived before noon ,she was alone, she asked me if I had breakfast, I asked her 'what on the menu'. Gracie laid on the kitchen table and I sat on the chair and started feeling and kissing her legs. I pulled her panties off ,kissing and licking her pussy until she came. For the next three days we enjoyed ourselves and I showed her how happy she makes me by stroking my cock for her when I could.

I love my cousins so very much. I'm so happy that they enjoy watching me jack off for them. There are so many stories to tell about our times together.