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Christmas with My Cousin

Christmas two years ago was the first time I had met my cousin from Australia. My older sister and I were soooo excited to meet our cousin as he was only a few years older than us and would be staying in our room for almost 4 weeks and he was a BOY. The moment I met him at the airport I could feel the very top of my vagina tingling like crazy I quickly rubbed my hands down my body and pushed my pelvis forward while squishing my vagina with my palms, I could feel the quick powerful bolt of pleasure rush through my body. Throughout the car trip home I wondered what he thought of me, whether I had worn enough makeup or I had made my small budding titties seem big enough. the moment we reached the house I had to run to the bathroom as I was literally bursting with pee.

My Cousin and I

What a great Summer!!

Like I said before, I was 18 and my cousin was 19 when I went to stay with her. It was Saturday and time to cut the grass, rake etc. We always had assigned daily chores to do. I watched her ass and titties bounce as she rode the ride-on lawn mower while I raked and ran the edger.

Alice said, "Whew, I'm ready for a break". I said, me too! It was hot and we were both worn out. While drinking our iced tea, Alice told me something.

Bob, I like you very much and all the fun we have had together! I have not been dating guys for a long while, but I have a girl friend, I mean a real girl friend. Her name is Thi Ku, she is Korean. Alice said that she just lives two blocks away. Why don't we ride our bikes down to her house and let her meet you? I agreed.

Teaching My Cousin

When I was a sophomore and in high school, I used to babysit a lot for spending money. Usually I would babysit for my neighbors and family members. My aunt and uncle would often go out or entertain clients for work or both, and I would usually babysit my little cousin Nick.

Nick liked to play cops and robbers when I would come over to watch him. One of the first times we played this game I wound up being tied to a chair, and it was quite a turn on for me. I was getting so horny that I was really trying to act out my role as I played along and would squirm in my chair. I told my little cousin that he hadn't checked me for weapons and would have to pat me down.

My Cousins

Years ago when I was 12 years old our aunt and her two daughters Gracie 17 and Delphine 14 would visit us about twice a month. The girls would sleep in the front room. One saturday morning as I always do ,I woke up early and watched cartoons. I turned on the TV and sat at the base of the pullout sofa bed where my cousins slept. After about five mintues my cousins started to stir around and Del had her right leg exposed out of her blanket. I turned back to the cartoon ,but within a minute I was looking back at her exposed leg and noticed I was excited looking at her. I crawled on my hands and knees to the right side of the sofa where she laid and looked at her exposed leg not five inches from her leg. I was so close to her leg I wanted to kiss it.

Ruined Her for Guy's Her Age

This is the true first person account from a friend of mine who has many interesting stories about he and his precocious young relatives when he was growing up in Texas.

I used to live next door to cousin Missy's house when I was about 18 and she was several years younger.... Skip this story NOW if you think you will be offended by that intro.

Loving My Cousin

It was a hot and humid Wednesday in summer as I sat on my living room couch chilling under the air conditioner with my best friend, Malekah. Since one 'o clock we'd been trying to figure out what to do for the night and thirty minutes had passed with little results. The one thing I knew I wanted to do was to get some pussy, so we’d most likely head to Club Risqué. The house was quiet other than the living room TV that was on, but we weren’t watching it.

"Damn," Malekah groaned, "This isn't how I thought having a house to yourself was like. At first, it was cool, but now it's boring as shit in here."

I nodded, "Yeah, I know, but that's why we need to go out tonight, man."

"Okay, but where?"

"How about Club Risqué ?

Cousin Crush

I always had a crush on my cousin and still have one to this day. Every so often I would masturbate while thinking about being naked with her. She’s 5’5”, curvy blond with a solid set of c’s, which she had reduced from dd’s, they were two of my favorite things about the holidays growing up as a kid.


I`ve been reading the stories on this site, and I feel that it`s finally time to bring a contribution to the community by submitting one or more of my stories. All happenings are true, just the names have been changed.

I discovered self pleasure at an early age in my life and have been doing it in different ways, as I found it to be pleasurable, without having seen any techniques in porn. In fact being in a single child family with eager eyed parents I haven`t had any access to porn at home.

This all changed when about 13 during the summer vacation I got invited to spend some time with some relatives in the country. I was looking forward to a summer full of sun, bathing in the river, hanging out with the guys, and all the stuff that country boys do.

My Hot Cousin

I was living with my aunt when I was 15 because they lived next to a school I wanted to go to. I was also living with my hot cousin who was two years older than me. I have found her quite sexy for a couple of years. She is 5'5" and has brown hair with highlights and her soft, glowing skin is light brown. She has a nice round, tight ass, and these nice, 36b perky tits. I know that because I had looked at one of her bras to see what size she was.

Fun Masturbating with Cousin & Friend

My parents used to say that the doctor had to surgically remove my penis from my hand when I was born. I was born into a home where nudity and masturbation was the norm and was constantly at it. I never had hangups about it at all. While little my mother and aunt used to bathe my cousin Julia and I together and give us extra time to masturbate in the tub individually or together.

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