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Female Masturbation

Male-Male Sex Stories

Strocking with Strangers

I hopped off the bus, and took a breath of air. Ahhh, Spring Break was finally here. I began walking home, jamming to the music in my earphones. As soon as I arrived, I dropped my backpack, hopped on my bed and turned on my laptop. I visited my favorite random chat website, typed in the "bi" tag, and chatted with a few other guys.

I had gotten the wonderful idea of someday getting on camera with someone else, but never had the guts to do it. One guy that I met encouraged me to take the next step. We shared our contact information and took our chat elsewhere.

Greek Masturbation Adventures

Hey, I'm going to start my story with my first time wanking, and how my brother taught me after I caught him red handed.

As you can understand I live in Greece, on the beautiful island of Crete, in the city of Rethimno. I grew up in an apartment my parents own in the centre of the city, with my three years older brother, George.

Fun Masturbating with Friends

When I was in middle school, my two best friends where Alex and Ron. My mother and Alexes mother knew each other since college, so me and Alex have been friends since birth. He was always a kid of average height and build, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Alex's family was much less modest than most American family's. I remember seeing his mothers pussy as a little kid. He would also change his clothes around me without really thinking about it, so I didn't either. In 4th grade a new kid named Ronaldo (everyone called him ron) moved across the street with me. His house was noticeably smaller than the others on the street. Kids at school would make fun of him for being half Hispanic, but his family was very nice so Alex and I quickly befriended him.

Big Brother's Circle Jerk

My big brother Terry was a high school football star. He had all the girls' attention, and the envy of almost every guy in our small town. We had a close relationship, and the elementary school was attached to the high school, so sometimes he'd come over to my table at lunch and catch up with me. One day he told me to tell Mom and Dad that he went over to his pal Jake's house for studying. I said I would, and he went back over to his table of fellow footballers and cheerleaders. I'd been to Jake's before, and decided I'd get off a couple of stops before ours, to go to Jake's and hangout with my brother. I knew I'd get in trouble later, but I wanted to study with the cool guys.

Sleepover Masturbation

My friend (A) and I went to a sleepover at my friend's house. (I'm pale with Straight dirty blond hair and greyish Blue eyes, Friend A has Curly Blonde hair with Grey eyes and pale too). We were just finishing 6th grade, me and friend A both 13 years old. We played some video games, and then decided to go to bed at 1 in the morning. It was really hot since we were in Oklahoma. We both have been trying to wank together for a while, and when our friend fell asleep we saw a chance. We snuck off to his eldest brother's bathroom, and turned on some porn. We took our pants off and started to wank. We both started breathing heavily, but let the orgasm pass. We started again this time ready to cum. We looked at each other in the eyes and began wanking the hardest we both ever had.


I`ve been reading the stories on this site, and I feel that it`s finally time to bring a contribution to the community by submitting one or more of my stories. All happenings are true, just the names have been changed.

I discovered self pleasure at an early age in my life and have been doing it in different ways, as I found it to be pleasurable, without having seen any techniques in porn. In fact being in a single child family with eager eyed parents I haven`t had any access to porn at home.

This all changed when about 13 during the summer vacation I got invited to spend some time with some relatives in the country. I was looking forward to a summer full of sun, bathing in the river, hanging out with the guys, and all the stuff that country boys do.

Boy Scout Camp Masturbation

My name for the sake of the story is Bryan. I am 6'0" tall, 168 pounds and athletic skinny. I have an uncut penis which is five inches hard. Tyler on the other hand is athletic, has a cut penis and is 5’11" and 180 pounds. I met Tyler at Boy scouts and we hit it off. We became best of friends. Tyler and I bunked together at Camp Cherry Valley when I was 16 and he was 15, due to the fact that his other friend Jason cannot make it because of summer school.

First Time with Mike

This happened mid-summer, several months after my experience with Tom and his buddies. After that, I thought about initiating some play with my friends but was too shy to start anything. I was worried about how they would react and worried about my own feelings. Girls really turned me on but I was confused as to why I was interested in my friends too.

Discovering Masturbation

In third grade I met Mike and we were best friends for many years. He lived in my neighbourhood and we were inseparable. I remember we would talk about the erections we would get when we would take our baths (we called them "boners" of course). We would laugh about it because it was so strange. At that age we had no idea about sex and the purpose of an erection. I remember how I liked talking about our boners and how it made me feel. I was actually surprised because I thought I was the only one that became hard in the tub. I remember one time he said I have a boner now. I immediately became hard and said me too. We laughed and thought it was funny, but, the truth was that we were horny and frustrated and had no understanding what we felt or how to fix it.

Party in the Woods

It happened an hour ago

————Last Night———-

I first went round my friends for a party and after everyone started to get more sociable and started mingling, I saw this guy who I have had my eye on for a while, my friend told me he was bi, and I knew I had been looking for someone to experiment with, so after about an hour of all of us getting to know each other properly, I went over to "Shane" and told him I was bi too.

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