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I found this website some time back I can’t remember exactly how long long but it was a while, and I have been a frequent visitor ever since. I really enjoy reading the stories you guys post here and I rarely go away disappointed after my visits. I like reading about most things to do with masturbation and have to admit I have contributed a number of things myself which I hope you guys have found interesting.

Now I don’t imagine that everything I read is 100% true here and that is fine because after all, the main aim of sites like this is to share fantasies, and stories of things that turn guys on and excite them and improve the masturbation experience. For me, sitting naked reading the stories whether it be a man masturbating outdoors while watching a neighbour or a young guy who has just discovered his penis for the first time is good. Whatever the story, I just love to read about them.

I can tell you now, I am sitting here totally naked and it feels wonderful. I know at this time of the day no one is going to disturb me so I have at least 2 hours of nakedness and doing whatever makes me feel good. Which is usually a hour long session with porn and my hand or maybe doing a live chat which is sometimes interesting. It can be a little expensive though. I use be a phone sex junkie years ago until I discovered the live chat on internet. Seeing a female in lingerie stretched out on a bed is really great.

I prefer asian women though. Or more specifically girls. Girls from early teens to late 20’s. Although, I was out a few days ago and I saw a mother and daughter together and either would have been good. The mother would have been around late 40’s early 50’s and the daughter mid teens. Daughter would be my first choice but either would have satisfied my needs.

Speaking of needs, I really need to take care of my throbbing penis it is just about to erupt and I really have enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you guys. I only wish you could be here with me to help me along for the next hour. I guarantee a lot of fun.

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