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More Best Day Ever

I came home from school one day and no one else was home. I usually masturbated in my room late when everyone was asleep so I was sure no one would barge in so I took this chance to masturbate in the living room. My T.V. is brand new and has internet so I searched up some porn and watched a girl masturbating for a couple minutes before I found myself naked from the bottom down and rubbing my clitoris really hard and fast.

I was too into masturbating that I didn’t notice my friend had came in from the back door which was open during the day and she was standing there watching me with her hand over her pussy. I quickly jumped up and tried to put my pants on but she just pushed me back down and began kissing me full on while inserting her finger into me. That was my first kiss and I didn’t know what to do but she was in control so I didn’t care. I’m straight, well as far as I know and I didn’t care about that either. After a couple minutes of us making out and her fingering me, she laid me on the couch and took off her pants and panties and stuffed her pussy right over my face. I happily licked her always wondering what pussy tasted like. She basically humped my face before I felt her quivering and she almost fell on me from an orgasm. I took this as my chance. I laid her down and positioned my pussy over hers which would provide the lubrication since her’s was covered in cum. I began humping her hard which caused us both to orgasm that time. After that, we calmed down and just laid there watching the porn. Finally she stood and told me to get dressed so we could go to her house, she said she had something for us to use. We got dressed and crossed the street to her house.

She wasn’t home alone but her grandmother never really bothers us when I’m there. We went into the computer room and she put on some porn and told me to stay there for a minute. I did and again I started rubbing my clitoris but this time I kept my pants on. She came back in and smiled when she saw me jilling off and said it was good I was wet. I noticed she had a box in her hand and she put it on the desk beside the computer and pulled out hitachi wand or whatever it’s called. We positioned ourselves on the floor and took off our pants and all our clothes basically. She put the wand in between us and set it on high putting it on both our clits. I orgasmed in five minutes. We kept doing it for an hour before her mom walked in and quickly walked out.

My friend said her mom always walked in on her masturbating so it was normal. Her house was really open about it. I slept over her house that night and we kept going at it all night. We were so tired the next day at school. But when I was in history, she texted me and we met up in the bathroom. It was empty I guess a grade had a field trip so there wasn’t as many people there that day. We went into a bathroom stall and she basically ate me out then and there. The rest of the day I was so hot and horny that I kept moving in my seat and rubbing myself when ever I could. We’ve kept up with things like that for like a month now. I love it! Now I don’t feel so alone when it comes to masturbating and it feels so much better with a friend!

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