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I live on a farm and have 21 acres of paddock and two horse stable but one is empty. My mum said I could in bite some of my friends over, I just turned thirteen. So I invited over 9 of my friends from school. We have known each other since kindergarten. Any way, when they all get here, they are all pretty attractive, I ask my mum if we can sleep in the spare stable. So we have dinner and stay up till one in the stable watching tv and playing video games Then we play some truth or dare and it goes on for a while. Then my friend, Charlie dared everyone to take off our shirts so we are all sitting their shirtless and it gets to Charlie again and he dares us to take of our pants. After him it’s peters turn and he dares everyone to get in the stable with our sleeping bags.

So Its my turn and they all say truth. I ask them if their a bit hard. And they all say yes and I say I am too. Then I dare us all to get out of out sleeping bag and throw them over the stable fence. So we’re all just sitting their, naked, 12 years old and covering out parts. Then some idiot, one of my friends, says we all have to put our hands in the air and put our legs straight. I see their all getting hard and then I tell them all to compare so, it turns out Charlie’s the biggest and I’m second but that doesn’t matter. Then we all lie down in a line and brandyn starts jacking of right there so we all start it. None of us have ever seen another guy naked before so we’re all curious. Then I start rubbing Charlie’s and he rubs Peter and so on. But then Charlie shoots cum. He says he has never done that in his life then in the next 5 minutes we have all cummed.

I am lying with brandyn on my right and Charlie on my left. I’m still so horny because that felt so good and I wanna do it again. But something better happens, brandyn just rolls onto me, completely naked and starts making out with me then he turns around and starts sucking my ding dong, I wanna tell him stop but it makes it feel better. Then I get him off, start sucking his dick and keep pulling my dick in and out of lachlans ass. Then the other six pair up and 69 each other… We have done it twice a month from then. We have only done it four times

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