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More A Visiting Niece and a Bonus

After my recent divorce I’ve decided to share a few things that’s happened to me over the years and this one came to mind first.

This all took place about 3 years ago at our house in the burbs at the time when we get a call from my husbands (now ex) sister stating they would like to come in for a visit on a weekend we had free and soon picked a date that worked out for both us and her and her husband and because their daughter landed a teaching job and was now living close to us it would be a chance to see everyone in one visit . I was totally fine with the whole plan because this usually happens once a summer and we all get along great and their daughter besides being a very pretty girl is a riot to be around as well.

So sis and her husband show up around 3 in the afternoon and soon after Leslie arrives sporting an overnight bag as well as a 12 pack, which is one of the things I like about her , she never turns down a drink on her days off. Sis and JT find their usual guest bedroom and Les is asked that our son no longer lives at home if she would rather have his room upstairs or her usual suite in the basement .(we always jokingly referred to the basement as a suite but is really just a remodeled basement with a bedroom) and she says she likes her suite and headed down to unpack.

Soon after everyone finishes their unpacking and getting settled in they one by one find their way out to the pool area and I happened to be in the kitchen mixing drinks when Les comes up in a stunning yellow bikini, I’m quick to comment saying my god girl did you loose weight ? She smiles and does a quick pose as if to model her new look and says ..yea just a few pounds and we both head out to join the others. Now I’ve never really paid much attention to other women sexually but when given a chance would tend to check other women’s bodies just out of curiosity I think but seeing her in that bikini really had my attention, first her youth and the bodies that come with it but I couldn’t find a single flaw, tan, curvy and beautiful dark hair to go with it all and I wasn’t the only one that noticed watching my husbands eyes follow her as she would get in and out of the pool was funny.

As the night went on the drinks kept flowing until it got late enough that one by one everyone surrendered and went to bed but of course her and I had to have just one more before finally calling it quits.
We said our goodnights with a hug and I watched her little butt wiggle away in her bikini sticking out from under her Tshirt one last time.
As always the ritual around home was the last one up has to leave the dog out before bed so that being me I walked out by the pool area as the dog was doing her business and just happened to notice her basement window was on and being a little drunk and ..well more than a little horny… and knowing there was no curtains on the little window because it was to the back of the house and hidden by the pool wall my evil side convinced me to just walk past quietly and well…have a look…..lol
My heart almost stopped when I peeked in just as she had removed her Tshirt and was unhooking her clasp on her bikini top letting it drop to the floor and without hesitation sliding her bottoms off as well !

My guilt from peeking in at her was soon taken over by arousal looking at her beautiful naked body as she played with her phone, my eyes were fixed between her legs at the cute little dark landing strip she had molded and watched as she continued to look for something on her phone until she must have found what she was looking for and climbed into bed still totally naked and staring at her phone. The headboard was on the wall under the window as I could now vaguely make out that she had pulled what I still think was a porn site because within seconds her legs parted and holding her phone in one hand she took her other and guided it between her legs.

All this was to much for me to take in and I too started rubbing myself as I watched her roll over to her stomach and start fucking her hand as she watched her phone.
Then just as I assume she was getting close she rolled back over on her back and started bucking as she brought herself to orgasm I too started shaking feverishly .
When I came to my senses she was still scrolling through her phone which I now had a little better view of and I’m not sure but I’m almost positive she was watching girl on girl porn..
About then her hand again went between her legs but I figured I’d better gather my dog and get back inside before I get busted so I did just that . The rest of the weekend was less eventful but the vision of that night still brings back fond memories and yes a lot more solo sessions !

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