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I accidentally caught my mum masturbating but it turned out she enjoyed being caught

I recently wrote a story to share on another site about an event that took place in a little book shop that I used to work in and it was because of this book shop that I caught my mum masturbating. Let me start from the beginning. Growing up there was a little second hand book shop that I loved going to and getting lots of old books to read. Through my near daily trips to this shop I befriended the owner and when I was 14 he gave me a Saturday job to earn some extra money. When I was 16 and went to Sixth Form College to do my A-Levels I had more spare time as I was only at college for 2 full days and one half day so the other days I worked in the shop.

Growing up me and my sister had a very open relationship with our mum and could talk to her about anything. When we hit puberty and we were both confused about why our pussies were getting wet we went to talk to her and she told us it was a natural thing. Then after we discovered masturbation she caught us one day. She didn’t see anything but when she came in it was obvious what we were doing under the duvet. We were both really embarrassed but she sat us down and told us not to be embarrassed and what we were doing was normal that everyone did it, even she did it. After that we felt much better and enjoyed our masturbation without worrying about being caught by our mum. Another aspect of our open relationship was nudity wasn’t an issue. As there were just the three of us in the house and we were all female we would often walk from the shower naked or wander round in our underwear so it was common for us to see each other naked, it was just normal for us. However I never saw my mum as sexual. I’m not saying she isn’t sexy but to me she was just my mum and even though I knew she masturbated I never thought about her doing it tried to see her doing it, however that changed the day I accidentally caught her.

It was the week before Christmas and I didn’t have college on Fridays and had broken up for Christmas so I was going to work in the shop that day. My sister had to go in that day but then she was finished for two weeks as well. When I came downstairs that morning my sister was sat eating her breakfast and my mum was stood in the kitchen making mine. She just had her silk dressing gown on and it was obvious she had no bra on underneath as her nipples were poking through the fabric. She was gloating to my sister that her office had shut down for three weeks for Christmas and she could do anything she wanted whilst my sister went to college and when she asked what I was doing I told her I was going to work and she gloated to me as well. We finished our breakfast and my sister got ready and I said I would walk down with her. It had been snowing during the night so we got wrapped up and left to the chorus of our mum dancing around the lounge with nothing to do. We walked down to the main road and walked down towards town. Halfway down Casey cut down a snicket to head to college and I carried on towards town.

I was almost in the town centre when my phone rang. I answered it and it was the owner of the book shop. He told me he was having trouble with the snow where he lived and rather than dig himself out and risk the journey he would rather just stay home today and not open up. He apologised and said he would still pay me for the day and said he would see me after Christmas and after chatting for a few minutes we hung up. I figured whilst I was almost in town I might as well carry on as I had a few bits to buy for Christmas. I wandered around the shops and got what few bits I needed then went to the bakery and decided to treat my mum. I got her favourite sandwich and got myself one then got each of us a cake for afterwards. I left the bakers and walked over to the bus station and luckily there was bus due to take me home. After 10 minutes I got off the bus and walked along my street towards my house. When I got there I opened the front door and stood and took off my boots and coat. I walked through to the kitchen to put our lunch down and then walked round to the living room.

I went to say I’m back to my mum but then stopped dead when I saw her. She was laid on the sofa with her dressing gown wide open with one hand on her boobs and the other was between her legs. I stopped and stared at her not knowing if I should say something or just back away to avoid embarrassment. I decided the latter would be be better but I couldn’t move. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and at first I felt weird because I was getting turned on by it.turned on by my mum, but the more I watched the more turned on I got and I banished all thoughts of it being weird and just enjoyed watching her. She was softly stroking her pussy through her knickers and was softly moaning. My pussy got wet so fast watching her and after a few minutes she slid her hand into her knickers and touched her pussy directly. This obviously had the desired effect as she gasped and moaned mmm yeah. Her hand moved in and out of her knickers as she stroked her clit and her moans got louder. I just stood there watching her, my pussy throbbing like crazy with arousal at watching my own mum pleasure herself.

She spent ten minutes rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples and watching as her hips started rocking was so hot. She suddenly stopped rubbing and for a moment she laid stroking her fingers across her body before reaching down and sliding her knickers down to her knees. She spread her legs open and the knickers stretched across the gap which turned me on. Ive always love that image of knickers pulled halfway down. She put her hands between her legs and with one hand she spread her lips apart and with her other she stroked her hard poking clit. She gasped and moaned as her finger rubbed the digit in circles and as she did my clit throbbed for the same attention. She did for five minutes and as time passed her hips rocked as she built the pleasure and suddenly she moaned out loud and said oh god oh god oh god im gonna cum. Her fingers rubbed faster on her clit and she went quiet for a moment before gasping and shouting oh fuck I’m cumming. Her body spasmed and trembled as she came. She continued rubbing her pussy for a few moments before suddenly letting go and squeezing her thighs together. She laid for a moment trembling with pleasure and then laid still sighing softly. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any hotter she slid her hand between her legs and brought them to her mouth and sucked her juices off them. I suddenly found myself thinking about wanting to taste her pussy and shook myself back to reality.

The feeling of not wanting to cause embarrassment came back and I snuck around through the kitchen and down the hallway. I slowly opened the front door and then banged it shut. I kicked my shoes against the wall as if I had just kicked them off and then shouted im home. When I walked into the lounge she was sat watching the TV and asked why I was home. I told her that the shop wasn’t open today and then told her I had got lunch and we could have it after I went to have a shower and get changed. I walked into the kitchen and as I picked up the sandwiches to put in the fridge I had a sudden thought. When I first got home I wasn’t exactly quiet. I had opened and shut the door pretty loudly and kicked my boots against the wall and walked into the kitchen and put things on the table. The first thought she was too caught up in her masturbation to notice the sounds but then I thought she would have been more alert to someone coming home and then I had the thought, maybe she knew I was home and wanted me to see. That thought turned me on even more and I ran upstairs stripped off and jumped in the shower. I immediately started playing with my clit thinking about that thought and the image of her playing with her pussy. It didnt take long for me to give myself multiple intense orgasms. After I recovered from the pleasure overdose I showered and went and put my pyjamas on and went downstairs. I gave my mum her sandwich and cake and as I sat down to eat mine she smiled at me and said did you enjoy your shower and winked at me. I looked at her and said yeah it was nice. She smiled and said well I certainly enjoyed my morning, there is just something about being watched. I looked at her and she said i knew you were watching me, it just made it so much better. I giggled and said well I enjoyed watching you. Ever since then my mum never really hid her masturbation and I saw her a number of times after that which I will write about if people are interested.

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