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Chatting online with a couple guys about their fantasies gets them excited.

A couple of guys (who don’t know each other) were recently interested to start chatting with me on yahoo instant messenger. They’re both from another sex/fetish oriented website that I frequent. And it’s funny when they want to start chatting.

The bland, clichd “what’s up?” “nothing much”, etc. The first time “the man !” chatted with me, he starts discussing the weather. Wait. Is this what they want to talk about, why they want to chat with me online?

Come on. let’s liven it up, folks. What’s the deal? We should be discussing sex oriented stuff, but we’re talking about the weather, if they can even start up a real discussion at all.

Mike is a young kid, mid-late 20’s, seems somewhat shy, maybe a little introverted. Seems to frequently apologize over practically nothing. I keep reassuring him “Don’t apologize for being who you are”.

Several years ago, i had begun chatting with various chicks in various chat boxes. Suddenly i felt like i had started to practice unlicensed psychotherapy. That it was just part of who i naturally was. And yes, it did wind up leading to sex with one chick. Somehow.

Now I wanted to open Mike up, get him out of his shell. He had a fantasy of being held down and stripped against his will. Coincidentally, “the man !”‘s fantasy is to be in a position to be forced to strip. Both of these guys had that common ground of being humiliated, forced to become exposed against their will .

Let’s continue with Mike. I asked him to describe who it is that’s holding him down. It turned out to be 3 or 4 older women to him (40’s) in skirts, and one man in a business suit. He felt awkward having a man as part of his fantasy, but i assured him it was ok. One of the women was “giving orders”, specifically to undo his belt, unzip his pants, yank them down, and ultimately yank his blue boxer briefs down, fully exposing him to them. We gradually went through this sequence one step at a time, and I kept him on track in his visualization. “Do you feel your belt being unfastened, maybe pulled hard first to help ease it up to be unfastened?” “What style & color underwear are you wearing?” i kept his attention focused on details. Because it is within the details, folks, that we have our better fantasies, better orgasms, etc.

“Everyone is staring at you, now fully exposed. Are they giggling, laughing, commenting?” i wanted to know how he saw them in regards to his being exposed to them. i wanted him to sense what their aura was in this moment.

I did ask him about being touched. He mentioned the woman holding his ankles reached up & fondled him. i think he said the man touched him too, and felt awkward about it, but i told him it was not weird and perfectly fine.

He was uneasy about getting an erection as we went through this exercise, but i assured him it was ok & what should be happening.
i think when we ended the chat after over 4 hours, he went to go masturbate before going to bed.

About 4 days later, we chatted again. This time, i suggested what was happening in his fantasy. I described what they were doing to him & how. How he was being stripped, too weak from sexual arousal to resist, how they all had a hand on the waistband of his undies before yanking them down on a united 3 count, how they clapped & cheered once they forced him to become exposed. After i gave him a little more detail, he admitted ejaculating while thinking about everyone staring at him. I gave him kudos with a “mission accomplished” comment.

I was thrilled that at 2 in the morning, i could cause someone to ejaculate just by chatting with him. Within a month’s time, i had caused a septuagenarian to ejaculate to photos of me wearing a jockstrap, and now just mere words on a computer screen sent someone’s semen flying out of his shaft.

Then there’s “the man!” that i chatted with this evening. He was a little trickier to work with details. I asked him what turns him on. he said “forced humiliation…like strip searches”. He gave me the “idk” when i asked him if he’d like to be strip searched in a play scenario, whether he wanted to be the one conducting the strip search, or the one being strip searched. I suggested “why not both?”. He liked the sound of that.

i started with him being the one forced to strip, trying to get a who or what. Men? Women? Both? Cops? Doctors? Burglars/robbers? Eventually the course drifted to a “Very full, gender specific exam”. So I asked what was going through his mind while his abs were being examined, knowing examining his genitals was in the “on deck circle”, so to speak. i asked if the genital part of the exam was announced, or the female “tomboyish” doctor just went ahead & touched him. “Just go and grab” was the response i got.

Though his status was still declared as “available”, I lost him after “she sees you’re erect, excited, can you imagine her asking you “Do you want me to go ahead?” as she nods to you & glances down at your erection, as if to gesture masturbating you?”

I wondered if with that, he went to go masturbate, since he stopped chatting…..

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