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I started when I was 11 and since I was to young to get any toys or stuff like that, so I used my hands. I’ve never accually stuck anything up there but the clit tickling just wasn’t enough for me anymore so lucky for me I have a walk in closet and one day after I got out of the shower.

I was really horney and no one was home. so I decided to just go in there and then I started rubbing my clit slow and then fast and I was still all wet from my shower and then turned on some sex porn it always gets me wet. So as I was rubbing my clit then I started rubbing my big tits along and I was getting so wet. I discovered a new way I seem u had a huge bear and a cardboard cut out of a superstar so I was all wet and I put the bear under me. oh yah it was a really hard bear so it felt AMAZING.

I would grind that thing like there was no tomorrow and rub my tits at the same time I felt like I was in heaven . As I was grinding the bear I grabbed the cut out and since it was in the shape of a person I pretended to fu** that. Oh my god it felt amazing. It really helps if u put really dirty thoughts in your mind. I always get so wet after it feels so good oh yah and I put this oil stuff that makes it really slippery and it gets me all wet and slippery and I don’t have to worry about getting caught because my closet has a lock on it.. Just writing it makes me wet maybe ill go do it now

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