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More Stories Dad Teaches Me How to Shave

First off, let me just say that I absolutely love this website, ever since my wife told me about it I have number of great jo sessions reading these hot stories, so I figured it is my turn to share mine.

I was born to my mom and dad, until they got divorced just about the time that I was turning one. Then my dad got custody of me because evidently my mother had some drug problems or something. But anyway, my dad raised me in a very liberal fashion. My dad has been gay since as long as I can remember, and if never bothered me. Like I said, he raised me in a very liberal fashion. He was very open about sex masturbation and everything like that. And he was a half nudist, like he would walk around the house naked sometimes, and would never close the door when he would take a piss or a shower or even would he would beat off. He would just tell me that he needed to get off and would go back to his room and do his business, I never really gave any thought to it, even when he was in the shower, he or I wouldn’t care if I pulled open the curtain, and ask for the car keys or something. Privacy just wasn’t an issue at all. When I was 12 he bought me some porn mags and videos, and even bought me condoms when I told him that I was planning on having sex with my girlfriend. When I was about 18 or so, my dad had his boyfriend move in with us. I really didn’t care much, in fact I was kinda excited because I wanted my dad to be happy. Even when Scott moved in, the lack of privacy never ended. He too would walk around naked, after a shower or having sex with dad. It never bothered me, I knew he had sex, I knew he had needs, and I was always taught sex was sex, I never even had any negative stigmas put on sex.

One day we were all sitting in the living room watching TV, when my dad told Scott that he was ready for sex and was heading back to his room, Scott soon got up and followed him back. After sitting on the coach for a few minutes all by myself. I decided that I would head over to Nikki’s house, so I got up and walked back to my dads room. When I got there, the door was cracked so I just pushed it open and saw Scott on his elbows and knees, and my dad was kneeling behind him and they were having anal sex.

This was no unusual sight for me, and I really didn’t think much of it. I just asked dad where his car keys were. He told me they were in his change dish over on the dresser. As I was walking over there, grabbed them out of the bowl, and on my way back to the door, I noticed something I never did before, my dad had completely shaved his dick. He was totally hairless. This fascinated me because my girlfriend said she likes it hairless, and every time I tried to shave it, I wasn’t able to get the blade to go smoothly over my balls, and there was always stubble. After looking for a couple seconds, I asked him how he did it. He said it was simple, he just used a regular razor. I told him that was impossible, because I tried that and it was never ever smooth. He told me again that it was a simple razor, I once again told him he was lying, and pleaded with him to tell me his secret, then he told me just to come feel how smooth they were. This was kinda unusual because we had never touched each others dick or balls before. I think the invitation stemmed from the fact that he was horney from the sex but I cant be sure. But none the less I walked over there and rubbed my fingertips over the top of his balls. By this time Scott was sitting over to the side of the bed, slowly jerking himself trying to maintain his hard-on. My dad never lost his. I told him how impressed I was. Then he asked me what the problem was, then I told him about how there was always stubble. Then he asked to see what exactly I was talking about. So I got up onto the bed on my knees, then undid my belt and dropped my pants down to my knees, exposing my soft cock and balls. He reached out and cupped me, and told me he know felt what exactly my problem is. Then the feeling of him cupping and rubbing my balls was really turning me on. I started to get hard. My dad kept rubbing, while Scott was still watching. It wasn’t long until I was at full attention. Then dad asked me if since I was already worked up, if I wanted to stay and take care of it. I was way too horney to say no, so I readily agreed.

Fist thing dad told me to loose my pants, and that they would only get in the way. So I fell back and stripped them off. Then Scott crawled over and asked how exactly we should do this. My dad just smiled and said juniors choice (obviously not talking about cock size, because I was larger than him at around 8 inches, while he was about 6.5, Scott was huge around 9.5) . I told them whatever was okay with me. Scott suggested a circle jerk, since we were already positioned. We all agreed and they started to pump their own cocks. I was edger to get started, but told them that they needed to pass the lube over, so I could get started. They just laughed and said that they don’t use store bought stuff, they use natures lube. I wasn’t sure exactly what they talking about, then Scott said that he would hook me up, then he learned over and took me into his mouth, and slid back and forth, back and forth, it felt to GOOD! Then he pulled back and told me I was now ready to go. He each pumped our own cocks, for a while. Dad would patriotically reach over and pull on Scott’s nipples, and they would take each other balls and everything. And for the first time, I actually enjoyed watching, in no time at all, I came. It fell out of the tip of my cock and landed on my dads fore-arm and stomach. Then seconds later he said he was about to cum and that he was gonna get payback, but scott said that he wanted it. My dad cummed into his hand and held it up to Scotts mouth, he licked it while he came on his own. After we all shot our loads we all just layed back and relaxed and talked things over. It was great. Then after about an hour or so, I took a shower, got dressed and headed for my girlfriends house, where I got to throw down again.

We never did a three way thing like that before, but I did jerk with each of them separately a couple of times, and once and only once did I ever do anything beyond jerking off, and that was once with Scott, when I asked him about anal. But that’s a story for another day.

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