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I am a single father with a 18-year old son. Lately, I have noticed that he spends a great deal of time in the bathroom and have even found a bottle of hand lotion he hid under the bed. I know what I used to do in the bathroom around his age and to this day, enjoy using hand lotion when I masturbate, so I’ve been tempted to speak to him about this but have been a little bit reluctant to do so.

He has a good friend named Malcolm that has slept over a number of times, so I suspect they might be doing some mutual masturbating. Thinking of them jackin each other off makes me excited to no end, so I decided to see if I could catch them in the act.

I have a few porn tapes of girls giving guys handjobs (where you don’t see the guy) and one tape which are two guys masturbating and sucking each other off. So I took both and recorded a portion of each onto a VHS tape, unmarked and “accidentally” left it out for him to discover. Then I set up a hidden webcam in the TV room and went over to my friend’s home whom I was watching while he was away to use his computer.

The kids know that when I golf on Saturdays, I’m pretty much gone the entire day.

Sure enough, no sooner than had I gone that the boys find the tape and pop it into the machine. You could see them get really excited because this beautiful girl with nice tits was stroking off this guy and I set tape so it wasn’t long before the guy shoots a massive load of cum.

As soon as that happens, both of them bring out their cocks and start jacking off, then they quickly move to the sofa and sit next to each other while jacking each other off. So clearly, they had been doing this for awhile!

When the action on the video turns to the two guys jacking each other off, you could see them get really interested and excited. The video then has the two guys sucking each other off.

I’m guessing that was all it took to get them to experiment with each other because you could see them talking a little and my son leans forward and puts his mouth on Malcolm’s cock and starts to give him a blowjob. To see Malcolm’s face in pure bliss was incredible, knowing my son was giving him head. He came really quickly and must have done it in my son’s mouth because all you could see was them laughing. Then Malcolm took over and started sucking my son until he blew is load.

During this time, I had my dick out and was masturbating with tons of pre-cum flowing and ended up in a most delicious orgasm. The boys ended up masturbating for hours (guess that’s what it’s like to be 13 again!) and I came again a couple more times.

Next week, I’m planning to set up the same thing, but debating about “coming home early” just so I can catch them in the act. But then what will I do? Probably better that I watch and enjoy from afar.

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  • Posted: November 30, 2017 04:22


    Get home early. They want to see your stuff.