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This was my first date with a nudist. She was more than a nudist however, and does not represent what a nudist life style is by my depiction of our relationship. It was also during a time when i would date almost anybody.

Kim connected me with Marcia who a curvy lady, is about 5 4, nice D-cup, probably +130 lbs and very green eyes. I love green eyes. We went out for a normal first date, dinner at a nice restaurant, great conversation and then I dropped her off and got a hug and a kiss. It turns out that Marcia was Kim sister and while soft spoken, she was not afraid to ask me anything or speak her mind. Her questions were at times shocking for a first date such as, Have you ever been caught masturbating? I told her about Sara that was living with me as well as when my mom caught me. Or other times very deep such as, How were emotionally hurt the most? She shared her responses to the same questions. I soaked up her answers.

We talked the next day and I asked her out again. She accepted and we went to dinner and an off-Broadway play that I was able to get tickets. When I dropped her off, I received a nice kiss and hug and she asked if I wanted to go to the nudist resort. I accepted and we made plans. Because Marcia worked weekends, I made arrangements to leave early on a Wednesday to pick her up about 4 pm. It was a hot, hot day and when I came to the door, she opened it and invited me in.

She offered me a drink and we sat down for a few. She was not in a hurry to get out in +90-degree heat and thought we could enjoy some time talking first before going to the resort. I thought it was a great idea. She then got up and returned with towels and I realized that she intended for us to get nude. When she started to disrobe, I stood and did the same. She first told me how nice my body was. I rarely get comments and so this made me few very good. She then made comments about my manhood being nicely shaped and pleasing. Again I thanked her and reciprocated my comments. But once again, I couldn’t help myself and I was growing hard. We were both naked and giggling and talking about stuff. I sat and tried to relax but Marcia noticed my problem and then told me about a conversation she had with Kim at the nudist resort where I was at least semi-hard all the time and at times, hard and throbbing.

I said, That was embarrassing.

She laughed, Yeah? She thought it might be good that we visit here first to help you relax.
I responded, Oh, so she gave you some suggestions?

Marcia laughed and with a twinkle of her green eyes said, Yeah, I wont tell you what she told me, but I have my own ideas.

I asked, Oh yeah?

Marcia, Slide closer and I will help you out.

I slid over and she had me lean back. She began to massage my balls and then stroke my cock. She then moved so she was knelling between my legs and was gently stroking with one hand and massaging my balls with the other. Every so often, she spits on my cock to lube it up. It was not long after that I squirted all over her hands and my belly. Wow, it was a great cum. We cleaned up and we stayed nude and talked about stuff for a while before leaving for the nudist resort.

We picked up some take out to have at the resort and when arrived we were greeted by Kim. After our greetings, Kim immediately asked Marcia How’d it go.. Marcia said Prefect and tried to whisper that I must have been backed up for a month. Kim and Marcia laughed and I just was smiling proud that my load was thought of as such. I was introduced to people, some old some young, some pretty, some not so. All in all, it was great fun. We played some volley ball in the pool, had plenty to drink from the bar and sat and listened to music in a screened in area when night fell upon us not get eat by the mosquitoes. I did relax and was soft most of the evening and that was very enjoyable.

When it was late, Marcia indicated that she should be getting home. When we arrived and I gave her a good night kiss at the door which became very passionate. After a few moments, Marcia placed her hand on my crotch and felt how hard I was. She smiled and began to undress me on the porch! Marcia lived on a dead end about mile off the main road that had 4 other homes. So while not heavily populated, it would not be difficult to see us if someone drove by.

I was now completely naked on the front porch with a throbbing cock being very gently stroked by a pretty green eyed lady. it was all very exhilarating. Marcia then told me, dared me to walk down to the end of the drive.

I did a double take and asked, Are you kidding?

Marcia, No. Well, in your profile you said you loved to outdoors and you are a risk taker. In entertainment you said you liked playing truth or dare and other games. Just think this as another game

Me, Yeah, I did say that but I guess I was not thinking of so what’s this game called.

Marcia, Do as I say. If you read my profile it says I like to push the envelope.

Marcia sort of shewed and pointed the way for me to walk. I slipped on my flip flops and proceeded to walk looking up and down the street. After a few steps Marcia to join me and was watching my cock bouncing as we walked to her mail box. Every so often she would reach over stroke me and tell me how nice my cock looked and how Juicy it felt. At the end of the drive I need to stroke myself, it was an impulse that I just need to satisfy. Marcia pushed my hand away and shook her head to stop. She then grabbed hold of my penis and led me to turn and go back to the porch. I was looking back and forth and up and down to make sure the coast is clear. It was almost midnight and there wasn’t any traffic except on the main road which was quite a distance.

When we arrived at the front porch, she said that since I was had been good boy I would get a nice surprise. She knelt down and started to jack me off. After a minute or so, she removed her top and told me to cum on her tits. She used her month first to get me wet and then began to suck on the head. She knew how to use her tongue like no other. It was amazing feel from my balls as she gripped my cock to the head she licked and sucked. It wasn’t long and I told her I was close.

Suddenly, she stopped what she was doing and stood up, gave me a quick kiss and said good night and started to turn! She then burst out laughing and said with huge smile, Just joking!

She unbuttoned her shorts and stepped out of them so she was now completely nude. She smiled down at my cock and then looked at me with a very intoxicating smile. She kissed me on the lips and then eased down my chest, kissing me as she went until she was kneeling down again. She wrapped one hand around my cock and lifted it so she could kiss my balls and then using her tongue, she flicked my balls and then gently sucked them. I was oozing pre-cum and she made sure that she got every drop, first with the tip of her tongue, then sucking on the head. She started to stroke me with a tighter grip and using her tongue continued to taste my pre-cum as it oozed.

She picked up her pace and I looked down and realized she was masturbating herself with the other hand. She was so into it, closing her eyes now as she sucked, stroked and fingered herself. I told her again that I was getting close. She stopped stroking me to focused on herself. After a few moments, she had a shuddering orgasm. I took this moment to look around, still no one in site.

While she was coming off her high, she resumed jacking and sucking me, and soon her other hand gently caressed my balls. I reached down and lifted her hand so I could smell and then taste her juice. It was so intoxicating. Marcia could feel me get closer now and was picking up her pace as she looked at me saying sweet notions of encouragements in between gentle sucks.

When I started to cum, the first shot caught her on the chin and lips. The next she aimed on her nipples and chest. I was surprised how much cum I had, but also proud that it was another good load. Marcia seemed to be quite pleased with my performance and when I was going soft, she licked me until I was clean. She then used her finger to wipe her chin as she stood. I was thinking that she would lick her finger, but she kissed me and then made me lick her fingers. Then kissed me again with some nice tongue.

As passionate and wonderful as that was, like a light switch she turned on her Evil side and before I knew it, she picked up our clothes, said goodnight, went inside with a slam of the door. What I grew to know was that her evil side was verrry evil at times.

I drove home naked.. 5 miles an hour under the speed limit.

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