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When I was younger, I had one of the most memorable of my life. That summer I met another boy who was blonde and extremely good looking. The type that all of the girls drool over. I had alwasy considered myself just to be average, and I was a little surprised when the two of started to hit it off. In fact, quite well. In no time at all, we were having this chummy friendship that was quite teasing. I never had been like that with another boy, but with him it was just so easy and not like a big deal. One day we were kidding around and we kissed. I was quite surprised, but he was all for doing that, so I got into it.

We did that on a few occasions. When I was at his house, and nobody was there, he said how nice it would be if we were naked, so we took off our clothes. He had an erection and so did I. His penis was average in size and a bright shade of blushing pink. We kissed and held each other nakedly and felt each other’s erection. It was so wonderful doing that with him. I guess that I was really having feelings of boy love. In no time at all, we jacked each other off. I was amazed that he had absolutely no qualms about being with another boy like this. The two of spent that entire summer having fun like that. But that first time, and my very first time with another boy, remains one of the most outstanding masturbation times that I ever had.

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