A2Z Masturbation

Let me introduce the main character of this story. He is a lot like me in some respects, but he is also different and some of the things that happened to Bill have not actually happened to me. So let’s call him Bill. Bill is a man in his 70’s which means that he grew up long ago when sex was rarely talked about, there was no internet, and what he learned about sex came from the Encyclopedia Britannica and Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Neither of these sources were very illuminating on the subject of women’s sexuality. Although D.H. Lawrence did suggest that Lady Chatterley was pretty keen on having sex, he was vague on the details, and the Encyclopedia Britannica only showed something that looked like a map of canals. As a boy scout Bill had learned about male masturbation from an older boy and had his fair share of group masturbation sessions. Some rather soiled black and white Harrison Marks photography books, bought guiltily and furtively from a market stall, provided the only visual stimulation. The posed models were air-brushed to ensure that whatever was between female legs remained a mystery and pubic hair was never seen. When he was sixteen, Bill went to a naturist movie ‘Naked as Nature Intended’ but the women in the film were always posed in a peculiar way, with one leg forward, or shown from the rear, to keep the secret of women’s sexual parts from him. While Bill and his friends were regularly wanking several times a… (read more)

Male-Female Masturbation