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More Stories Jacking Off for My Dad

I’ve jacked off constantly since I was 13. Not like every minute, but at least twice a day whenever I could. I had a few close calls, but no one ever caught me, that I knew of.

One time, when I was 18, I thought no one was home, and it was in the middle of July. I went out to my backyard to lay by our pool and sunbathe. I was already really dark, but I always lay in the sun to maintain the tan I have. So, there I was, looking at my brown chest, sweating, flexing my pecs for myself, generally admiring myself. I flexed my arms and chest, then started rubbing by chest and nipples and firm abs.

I got hard pretty quick, so, thinking I was alone, I pulled my 7-inch stiffy from my speedo and went to work, rubbing my hand along it, and my forearm, watching my blonde arm hairs slide along my tip. That’s one reason I tan, I like the way my light hair looks against my tanned skin. God it felt good. I was rock hard and leaking onto my belly. So, I started to jack it hard.

Right then, I heard a gasp behind me and stopped, sitting up and looking around. My dad was there staring. He told me it was okay, I could keep going. He was just going to watch unless I minded. I kinda blinked but I was still horny as hell so I said ok.

He smiled and sat on a chair. I turned my chair so I was facing him, and started working my cock as he watched. He said I had a good sized dick. I worked it slow and showed it off to him, rock hard and thanked him. He said I was a really sexy boy. I spread my legs and smiled to him. My dad was really hot, actually. Sitting there in his wifebeater and boxers, strong muscled arms in the sun.

I jacked harder, watching my dad look at my dick. “Ohhh dad…” I said, watching his reaction. He moaned and started rubbing his crotch. I stood up and walked over to him, my heart beating so fast, still jacking. I said “wanna jack me dad?”

He nodded and swallowed and grabbed my dick and started jacking me hard. “Ohhhh god dad!” I whispered. He was so strong, I loved watching his muscles flex as he jacked me. I knew I would cum soon, so I reached out and pulled Dad’s shirt up over his head so it was bunched behind his head, but still on his arms, exposing his chest as he jacked me.

“Oh son you’re so hot,” He said. “God dad,” I said and started to cum. I spurted on both our chests and his arm. When I was done, I said, “Woah, that was so hot.”

Dad nodded and pulled his dick out right there in front of me. Hard 8 inches, and started lubing it up with my cum. “Do you mind, son?”

I shook my head, “No go ahead.” He smiled and started jacking with my cum.

After he had jacked a few minutes he asked if I wanted to jack him, and I said YES! I grabbed his stiffy and jacked it like he did mine, flexing my tanned arm muscles, sitting there on dad’s knee. Dad is a big guy. I jacked him hard and he shot his load all over us both. I licked it off my arm.

Then I saw I was hard again and dad laughed. So, I jacked off right there sitting on his leg, really fast and shot another load on his chest.

After that day, me and dad have jacked off lots of times together and jacked each other off. Often I lay on top of him in bed naked and he jacks our hard cocks in one hand, together, until we shoot our loads. I love being on top of him, our naked bodies together.

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