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My parents divorced after I graduated from high school. I get along with both of them, and see each quite often. During the summer, my dad invited me to go fishing with him. He rented a cabin up by this lake, and we went up. We had a great time fishing out on the lake. The next morning we got up and were having coffee. It was just the two of us, so we were both in boxers shorts, and we thought how it was neat just being guys like together and feeling relaxed about it. Anyway, we said something about how since it was just the two of us, that we could could do whatever we wanted, and we laughed about our having a father and son jerking off together.

We said how it wasn’t like anyone would know, so we took off our boxers, and we both started getting an erection. It was pretty cool being naked with my own father, and getting to see his hard penis. And I thought tht it was exciting being able to have a boner in front of my own dad and not have to be embarrassed about it. We both enjoyed showing off our hard organs. As we sat there and started to rub ouselves, we just casually reached over to feel each other’s, nd we began to masturbate one another. I had never done anything like this with another guy, and apparently he never had either, so for both of us it was blast getting to enjoy some male sexuality. I had the best time getting to rub my dad’s sizeable, thick penis, and then getting to make his boner climax and seeing a huge load of creamy semen pump out. Then it felt fantatsic to have my boner come in his hand. We jacked each other off four times that weekend. This has just been our little secret, and we’re planning on going fishing again real soon.

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  • Posted: November 30, 2017 03:31


    Father/son male sexuality is the best.